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5 Benefits of Online Document Storage

Onsite document shredding

Today, there is a huge push to implement online storage of documents that were previously stored as hard copies. If you run a business that has lots of paper documents and you’re interested in transitioning to an electronic format, there are two steps to consider. First you should invest in document scanning solutions to make sure you don’t lose any data from the hard copies. Second, you need to have onsite document shredding. This is important because it keeps personal and business information safe, secure and confidential. When you’re no longer using the archaic system of storing physical files, you’ll be happy to have secure document storage that is searchable and easy to access. If you’re wondering whether you

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How to Keep Your Construction Crew Safe of the Job

Fall arrest training

One sure fire way to keep construction costs controlled on the job is to keep worker’s compensation costs down. This means truly putting an emphasis on work place safety. For example, far fewer crain safety infractions happen if crane safety training is offered. Construction training safety training is, no doubt, the most obvious way to cut down on accidents. But what else can you do on the job site to minimize risk?

The four biggest things that lead to injury are electrocution, getting caught between two objects,or being hit by an object, and falls. Safety gear like hard hats or steel toe boots can minimize the injury that takes place when these four things happen. You can also look into fall protection equipment. Some fa

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Three Things That Every Business Sign Needs

Custom business signs

For small businesses, one of the most effective forms of advertising is signage. In fact, small businesses actually gain about 50% of their local customer base just from the signs that are install on the premises. Additionally, once a sign is installed, it pretty much advertises for free every single day of the year. For a sign to be the most effective, good design is key. Here are three things every good sign design needs to be effective.

1. Color
One of the purposes of business signs is to help foster brand recognition and in turn, customer loyalty. Adding color and light to a sign can increase brand recognition as much as 80%. The key here is to use an eye catching but not garish color (think McDonald’s red or Facebook blue). Using a consistent palette of colors will also help ke

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