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A Few Things You Should Know About API 650

Api-653 inspections for storage tanks

API 650 may not be the most recognizable term but for owners and proprietors of above ground storage tank (AST) units, it is incredibly important. Stainless steel tank manufacturers are obligated to make their AST units under the rules of API 650.

Before getting into API 650, it’s important to establish why AST units are that important to begin with. Simply put, AST units store the materials vital to several industries in the United States (and, really, around the world). They hold materials used in the oil, agriculture, manufacturing, and water industries. Because they’re above ground, AST units provide an accessible and efficient way to sto

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Rules and Regulations For Stainless Steel Tank Manufacturers

Pvc liners for tanks

Above ground storage tank (AST units) store the materials frequently used by industries across the country. Petroleum, oil, liquid fertilizer, industrial chemicals, and water are just a few of the materials stored in AST units. Without them, thousands of companies, large and small, could not conduct their business, make their products, ship their wears, as efficiently as they do now.

Because AST units are so instrumental to industry, they are tightly controlled by government and industry regulatory agencies alike. The American Petroleum Institute (API), for example, sets out specific guidelines for stainless steel tank manufacturers when they make their products. Though API deals with oil, its standards are applicable to a variet

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Destroy Your Documents! Paper Shredding Services

Onsite document shredding

Secure document storage is essential for protecting businesses and people’s identities and information. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), information theft costs U.S. businesses about $24 billion annually. Although much of today’s information is transmitted and stored in digital space, most businesses and individuals still rely on physical paper documentation. In fact, about 95% of businesses still store information on paper in addition to their online databases.

Part of the reason for this is that digital information is at risk of being partially or completely erased, hacked, or stolen. Physical documents, however, are also at risk of being stolen if someone breaks in or

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