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A Brief Look at Refrigeration Compressors

Reconditioned refrigeration compressors

Refrigeration in one form or another has been around since antiquity. The first “refrigerators” were actually icehouses that people situated near lakes, so that they could put food in cold storage. It wasn’t until 1803 when the icebox was introduced into homes. This required blocks of ice shipped from storage areas and delivered to people to keep their foods cold.

The Icebox becomes Obsolete
Many different refrigeration compressors were tried and patented, but were primarily commercial refrigeration compressors. It was not until 1914 when a young inventor named Nathaniel B. Wales came up with a practical refrigerator for Arnold Goss, the secre

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Why a Virtual Office Space Might Be Right for You and Your Business

Virtual office service

If you’re starting a business, one of the most costly and worrisome things you have to figure out is finding a space and location to do business. If you’ve been looking at fully furnished offices or some other type of office space rental you know that they can be pretty pricey, and that’s an expense that you’ll have to pay for every single month. What you might not know about is that you can actually have a virtual office space that serves all of your needs without draining your bank account.

If your business is small enough that you can still work at home, virtual office solutions might be right for you because they offer many of the things that a

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Keep Your Lot Clean with Parking Lot Sweeping Services

Northern virginia street sweeping

If a regular parking lot cleaning is not something you have considered yet for your business, it should be. Customers and guests begin to judge your professionalism the moment they step onto your property, and if they find a messy parking lot or garage strewn with trash and debris, they are going to think that you do not take much pride in the way you represent yourself. Parking lot sweeping companies are the perfect solution for this matter, as they can help keep the area surrounding your business looking well-taken-care-of.

Parking lot cleaning services also help protect the investment you’ve made in the asphalt or concrete surfaces in your parking lot or garage. Sweeping removes abrasive dirt, sand, and other debris which shortens the service life of your parking area’s pavement, str

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