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Why Were Cooling Towers to Blame for Portugal’s Legionnaire’s Outbreak?

Delta cooling towers

Industrial cooling towers may seem pretty straightforward and harmless, serving the helpful purpose of cooling the fluid that results from industrial processes. And for the most part, this is the case. But without proper maintenance, industrial cooling towers do have the potential to cause harm, as we’ve seen recently in the news.

This month, Portugal has fallen victim to one of the largest outbreaks of Legionnaire’s Disease in history, with eight dead and over 200 infected. It has since been discovered that the source of this outbreak was industrial cooling towers at a local fertilizer plant. Adubos de Portugal, a unit of Spanish company Fertiberia, in the affected area of Vila Fra

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Punch Up Your On Premise Advertising With These Three Easy Tips

Led business signs

Believe it or not, one of the least expensive forms of advertising out there is signage. Since signs advertise every day without any additional effort after the installation, so the price per exposure is pretty low, especially when compared with other forms of advertising. The thing is, you can’t just throw up some signs and expect them to work. Here are three ways to effectively punch up your on premise advertising.

1. Add Point of Sale Signs
A really effective way to punch up your on premise advertising is to add point of sale signs. Point of sale signs are located, as you might have guess, at points of sale, which encourages people to make impulse buys. People waiting in a line are more likely to buy something on impulse if something is right in front of them. Adding impulse display

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Point to Point Shipping with American Air Cargo

Pace american cargo trailer

Shipping packages large and small can be a daunting task. How to package the items, where to ship them from, wondering whether they’ll get there in one piece, and whether they’ll get there at all are all major concerns when putting your items into other people hands for door to door delivery. American air cargo is an efficient and reliable way to ensure that your packages to loved ones or belongings to a new location get to their desired destination safely and on time.

When shipping products internationally or overseas, using air and ocean cargo services are your two options. Sea freight shipping is often thought as the best way to transfer large goods but American air cargo often has the same

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