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Tube Bending Calculations Why They Matter

Tube forming processes

The tube bending process can create anything from household and automotive piping to tubing for aerospace applications. Even office supplies, like paper clips, is formed using tube bending dies, which bend the object into its shape. Some of the machines that perform tube bending operations can be used by hand; many, however, use complex tube bending calculations that are input into a CNC tube bending machine.

Machines that are CNC, which stands for computer numerical control, can be programmed to bend tubes to any specification, and they can perform tube bending calculations automatically. This ensures that their operators aren’t doing unnecessary work, so they can finish high volume jobs quickly and accurately. Read more ...

Why a Small Business Can Benefit from SEO Services

Seo small business package

Today, an estimated 93% of all online experiences begin with the use of a search engine. In a world where customers are constantly inundated by advertisements, brands, and product options, this figure makes sense: studies shows that an estimated 88.1% of American internet users ages 14 and older browsed or researched products online in 2012. If you own a small business, this reality can either work for you or against you: if you have a prominent spot in a list of search results, for example, you are likely to draw in a number of new customers who are interested in the services you offer. However, if your website is buried amid thousands of other search rankings, you are likely to go unnoticed; studies show that an estimated 75% of search engine never scroll past the first page of search results. Fo

Read more ...

Four Signs Your Business Could Use Web SEO Services

Full color brochures

While direct mail advertising and marketing brochures can be useful these days for business, they aren’t always the most efficient methods for internet-based businesses. Even if you business operates primarily in a physical location rather than simply on the web, however, there are plenty of ways to ensure that you reach the largest audience possible, and that’s through your ranking on a search engine. This process, known as search engine optimization or SEO, pushes you to the top spot in Google and other engines to get you more customers. SEO uses strategic keyword placement on your site and in your site’s metadata, Read more ...

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