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How Drilling Has Bored Its Way Into Our Lives

Directional drilling

Drilling isn’t exactly a topic that everyone shares common knowledge on. For many, drilling is a distant and evil Texan scheme, operated by a fat man with an iron belt buckle, a cowboy hat, and a handlebar mustache who is laughing maniacally in his tower of wealth as we speak.
But whether we care to admit it or not, drilling is a necessary part of how we function as a society. Even if you’re against oil, it is likely that you benefit from the efforts directional boring and the like. Want to know why gas prices have been so low this year? It’s because of onshore directional drilling efforts. As of last month, there are 222 oil rigs for natural gas in the United States. This undoubtedly powers your home. So every time you turn on Netflix to watch your anti-drilling documentary, you can thank directional

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You Are Most Likely 10 Miles Away From This

Kiln burners

Did you know that more than 50% of Americans live within 10 miles of a local brewery? Did you also know that there are more than 3,000 breweries in the United States today? Brewing beer didn’t originate in the U.S. but ever since the Pilgrims made their way to Plymouth Rock, Americans have always had a special taste for beer. The Mayflower is known to have stored beer for the Pilgrims, having been safer to drink than water at the time. Fastforward a century and you will find that many of our great Founding Fathers, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin, brewed their own beer. In fact, it is Franklin who is thought to have said that “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!” Much has changed since the American Revolution but for the most part, America’s thirst fo

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How the Pharmaceutical Industry is Working to Combat the Counterfeit Drug Epidemic

Clinical packaging and labelling

In 2011 alone, the United States spent over $2 billion in drug and pharmaceutical sales. Because this industry is so lucrative, dishonest individuals have been attempting to take advantage through the production and proliferation of counterfeit pharmaceutical medications. This poses an issue for many people. For pharmaceutical packaging companies and manufacturers, this requires a lot more money to be spent looking for ways to authenticate packaging. For the pharmaceutical industry, this means a great deal of money lost at both a manufacturing level and a sales level. Perhaps the most detrimental effect of counterfeit drugs is the potential harm and

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