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Pros and Cons of Phone Answering Services for Businesses

Answering services maryland

Any company can tell you that customer service — good customer service — is the key to success. However, one of the customer service areas that require more attention are telephone representatives. Almost 80% of consumers prefer to speak with customer service over the phone, and for many that’s a direct impression of your company — sometimes even the first impression. And if that’s a bad impression, it can be devastating to your business. Each year, U.S. companies are losing almost $41 billion due to poor customer service. Thus, it’s important to make sure your calls are being answered quickly and handled professionally, but hiring personal staff to answer calls — such as receptionists — can get expensive. One of the most popular and cost-effective methods that many companies are tu

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Safety First How to Keep Your Construction Site Safe, Day and Night

Portable light towers

OSHA has certain standards concerning night construction, and they should be taken very seriously. Those rules are in place to keep every worker, as well as civilians around the site, safe from harm. But you can, and most definitely should, do more than just follow OSHA standards to stay safe while working at night. Not sure where to start? Here’s a refresher to help you out.

Light ’em up!

Lighting is everything, but portable construction lights aren’t the only ways to make yourself visible at night. Head lamps, reflective clothing, and flashlights are crucial to nighttime visibility. If you walk around a construction site, or anywhere for that matter, in dark or dull clothing at night, you’re

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Understanding Cloud Services Verbiage and Lanugage

Cloud broker services

Cloud consultants in cloud brokerage services are not a whole lot different from the regular contracting firms that IT has used for many years. However, they could also mean more profitability and fast cycle times. Projects tend to be a little smaller for cloud services and the language can be difficult to understand. For example:

Do you want your project to leverage offshore resources?
A lot of firms use development testing and different kinds of data in order to keep costs low offshore. This is done to maintain the margins an integrator needs. There is ample opportunity for miscommunication between the offshore and onshore

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