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Are Your Pipes Over 40 Years Old? It’s Time For An Inspection

Perma liner chicago

When’s the last time you inspected your pipes? If you’re scratching your chin right now then it might just be a sign you could use a pipe inspection! The average household or business have pipes that are decades old and, while they are known to last, a lack of routine inspection can put you at risk for leaks, bursts and malfunction. If you’re unfamiliar with sewer camera inspection or drain cleaning, look below as I list the top information you need to know about pipe repair.

Plumbing In The U.S.

The plumbing industry is a busy one in America, with over 380,000 men and women fixing pipes and stopping leaks all across the country every day. Plumbers work in a variety of fields, from landscaping to repair, and can do everything from fix your water heater to replace the piping benea

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Six States Moving to Legalize Sports Betting, Facing Legal Obstacles

Lobbyist firms

There is a controversy brewing in six states in America: political insiders are working to legalize sports betting in a bid to improve their states’ economies. Illegal betting on sports currently generates over $90 billion yearly, but only one state currently allows gambling on sports events.

Some public affairs firms are working to create support for the legalization of betting on professional and college sports, but there is resistance from local leaders and from the general public. Recently, a Circuit Court denied one state’s attempt to institute legalized gambling on sports, deciding by a 2 to 1 majority that sports betting should remain illegal.

The decision to legalize betting in America could gener

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Looking for a Recession-Proof Investment? Savvy Investors Interested In Gold Bars

Buy gold bars

In an effort to bear up against a rapidly fluctuating world currency market, many investors are making the choice to invest in gold bars and gold bullion. In America alone, over $7 trillion in gold is traded and deposited yearly; worldwide there is an increasing market for gold, as it is seen as a solid investment that can mitigate higher-risk options for financial investment.

Investors who choose to back up their investing by acquiring gold bars, gold bullion, and other precious metals may store them either in vaults provided by the company facilitating the precious metals exchange or are legally allowed to store the bars and bullion on their own property in a manner of their choosing. Precious metals brokers may provide guidance as to the proper temperature and conditions for storage.

Most gold

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