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Does an HSA Meet the Healthcare Needs of Your Employees?

Hsa canada

Canada offers a publicly funded healthcare system that has a high approval rating throughout the country- 92% of Canadians say they prefer the Canadian public healthcare system over the healthcare system in the US. However, gaps in the public health system lead to about 30% of healthcare costs falling on the shoulders of private insurance or paid out-of-pocket. Unfortunately, in some ways, people who don’t have the means to cover expenses outside of the public system have no choice but to live with untreated medical issues.
A glaring instance of this is mental health support. Due to budget cuts within publicly funded facilities, mental health spending has sharply transitioned to the private healthcare sector. Getting adequate medical care for mental health is limited to those who can afford their own men

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Sales and Marketing Career Success Hinges on Strong Communication Skills

Sales staffing agency

Are you a good writer? Do you know how to command the attention of a room full of people? Have people told you that you are a great communicator? Are you creative? If so, maybe you should consider a career in sales and marketing. Since the majority of what a sales and marketing rep does involves communication — both written and verbal — strong writing and speaking skills are essential for a salesperson.

At its core, selling is basically a social business and those who are the most successful are able to create and communicate their ideas to a wide audience. Many advertising clients expect high-level presentations from sales representatives, so a successful marketing representative has to be familiar with and co

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Things to Consider When Looking Into Tank Storage

Pvc liners for tanks

It seems that news about storage tank leaks pop up more often than they used to. Various locales suffer damage to their ecosystems and economies, when many of these incidents could be prevented by adhering to API 650 and 653 inspection standards. These underscore the importance of knowing what your api tank needs are and ensuring that you are meeting them. Inspections are an important step in tank care and maintenance.

The government is very strict about these inspections and regulations in particular because so many things could potentially go wrong. For example, on March 2, an oil spill from an above ground storage tank in Washington

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