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Archive for January 19th, 2013

Use of Silt Barriers

Floating silt curtain

A silt barrier, also known as a turbidity barrier, aids in the continued cleanliness of the water in a particular body of water. They are mostly used in areas where there are construction projects in or around a body of water. Turbidity curtains are comprised of a floating top piece, a partially permeable or impermeable curtain, and ballast weights to anchor it to the bottom of the body of water. Such silt barriers stop construction debris or other pollution from adulterating the water, which is potentially used for bathing, drinking, or cooking. In many cases, environmental government agencies require the use of silt curtains, as they have a minimal impact on the environment during construction, and they have been proven to work. Silt barriers are also easily and quickly installed. This characteristic makes them especially attractive because otherwise the company would have to make a more permanent structure to limit its pollution during construction, which would add cost and time to the project. While they are useful, silt curtains can also fail. They may rip, sink, or simply not be installed correctly. As with any marine endeavor, silt barriers must be consistently monitored to ensure that they have not malfunctioned.

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