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Archive for January 30th, 2013

If Facing A Problem With Marijuana Abuse, Seek Treatment

Marijuana addicts

Cannabis plants can grow in nearly any ecosystem and average one to two inches of growth per day, and can grow up to 18 feet. Cannabis, also known as marijuana, is a plant that is smoked to produce a feeling of high. Marijuana is considered a classified substance under federal law, though 13 U.S. states currently allow medical marijuana use.

it is important to note that it is possible to develop a problem with marijuana abuse. Cannabis addiction, also known as marijuana addiction, can have detrimental side effects. A study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry that followed 1,920 people for 16 years, discovered that people who smoked marijuana were 4 times more likely to develop depression. Furthermore, because recreational cannabis is illegal, its use can have legal ramifications. At least 200,000 students in the US have been denied financial aid for college simply because of drug convictions on their records

Therefore, if you have a marijuana abuse problem or feel that you are a marijuana addict you should consider cannabis treatment. It can be difficult to overcome a cannabis problem alone, as many people suffer from cannabis withdrawal symptoms, which begin within 1 to 3 days of abstinence and can last for up to several months. Approximately half of people who try to quit smoking marijuana report cannabis withdrawal symptoms including mood swings, irritability or anxiety. Others report aggression, nervousness, restlessness and a loss of concentration. Craving, however, was one of the most common withdrawal symptoms reported by former marijuana users in the early days of abstinence. A marijuana treatment program can help you to overcome withdrawal symptoms associated with marijuana abuse.

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