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Archive for March, 2014

Three Ways to Save on Payroll Taxes

Online payroll services

Small business owners are responsible for payroll taxes–plain and simple. These taxes pay for important programs like Medicare and Social Security. However, times are tough and costs have to be cut where they can be. Though the money goes to worthy causes, all of it doesn’t have to go to the government. To help you save some of your business’s profits, here are a few ways you can reduce payroll taxes.

Accountable Plans.

If you’re a benevolent employer and you like to reimburse your staff for their expenses, you can use an accountable plan to favorably impact your payroll taxes, just so long as the reimbursements are not taxable to employees, and the taxes are exempt from FUTA and FICA. The plan has to meet three requirements. First, the expenses have to be business related

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Keep a Clean Parking Lot to Establish a Professional Look

Parking lot services

In lots of movies, TV shows, and even commercials, parking lots are hardly ever a fun place to be. Unless they are the host of a party, a la Lee Brice’s hit song from last year, they are generally shown as being a good place to lose your car or get tracked down by a burglar. Because of that, many business and development owners might not realize that using parking lot cleaning services and keeping the area clean is a good idea. Perhaps surprisingly, a well-maintained parking lot can be a great asset to a business, so overlooking it could be a mistake.
Over time, there is all kinds of junk and garbage that could accumulate in a parking lot, and make hiring a street sweeping service a must. Li

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Top Three Ways to Make Your Company Last

Plm system comparision

Do you have what it takes to run a successful business? Over-zealous entrepreneurs underestimate just how difficult it is to finance and manage companies. In fact, eight out of 10 start ups go South in just 18 months (and sometimes less!), and even four of billionaire Donald Trump’s businesses declared bankruptcy. What does it take to have lasting power in short-lived — and cutthroat — industries?

Make Immediacy Your Top Priority

Not too long ago, Facebook purchased WhatsApp and — even more recently — virtual reality headset manufacturer Oculus Rift. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg paid billions of dollars for the acquisitions, and the question that everyone is asking is, why?

The answer is simple. Zuckerberg is trying to stay current and ensure that

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Three Effective Ways to Market Your Website

Website design free

Did you know that the typical online shopper reads 11 customer reviews before purchasing a product online? In order to help your company receive better reviews, you must determine how to advertise your business properly. Fortunately, a top SEO agency can help by implementing several effective internet marketing strategies. By seeking assistance from the best SEO agency, your website will gain more web traffic.

1. Mobile web design. In addition to creating a responsive desktop website, top website design companies will also construct

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Reduce the Dangers of Working in the Construction Field

Lifting products

The construction industry has always been one of the most dangerous in which to work. This shouldn’t surprise you when you consider the fact that construction workers deal with dangerous equipment, work from terrifying heights, and are at risk of being injured by other workers’ carelessness even if they follow every safety procedure perfectly.

According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration statistics, the highest number of worker-related injuries occur in the construction industry each year. Additionally, the construction industry always ranks among the five most dangerous occupations in terms of fatality risk. This is the reason that construction safety training courses are becoming increasingly popular among construction companies that want to protect their employees from injury. Of course, sen

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