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Work Is Not a Synonym for Boring Liven Up Your Workplace with These Creative Office Installations

Office furniture installation checklist

When it comes to office environments, most employers think that they don’t have very many choices in design. After all, an office furniture installation company can only offer so much in the way of desks, cubicles, chairs, and other standard fixtures, right? In a sense, this is true: most office installations have these features in common. However, there are many new and innovative office designs that can bring a touch of style and fun to the workplace. After all, we have the technology: why not rebuild our offices to reflect our businesses’ tastes, employees, clientele, and industries?

Whether your company has an office relocation plan for a whole new space, or if you’re just looking to give your corporate environment a makeover, here are some surprising office installations that you might be able to add to brighten everyone’s day.

1. Have it look like an office… but not really: Google is famous for having a “fun” workplace; employees can slide down slides to the next floor, for instance. At Epic, in Wisconsin, hallways are designed to look like a subway car. In addition to quirky design, sometimes having a creative work space can foster creativity for employees. Put in plenty of couches and other types of unconventional office seating for comfortable and innovative employees.

2. Make it technologically advanced: This works for any company, really, but for tech companies, it’s a no-brainer. Find places for tech at work. Microsoft, for example, has large touchscreen tablet tables in their offices. Showing off your business’s forward thinking design can really wow your clients, too.

3. Use boundaries: With the trend of open floor plans in office spaces, it can be difficult to find an area to perform a particular task or responsibility. If you have a more open space in your business, create “zones” in an office by designating areas for specific purposes. If you want to create an area for employee conversations or meetings, pull some couches and arm chairs together. Give employees options for meeting places as well, with tables and chairs interspersed throughout the office, as well.

4. Brighten it up: Let’s face it — nothing depresses employees (and employers) more than coming to a drab, dull workplace every day. Don’t be afraid to use bright colors on the walls or furniture to set your business apart from the typical office building. GroupOn, for example, uses their logo’s bright green shade throughout their office and on modern furniture, too. (Just don’t overdo it on the colors — sometimes too many bright hues can be distracting for employees!)

Work doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, happy, comfortable employees can actually be more productive, especially if their spaces respond to their needs. Contact an office installations or office furniture company soon to see how you can bring new life to your workplace.

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