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Archive for June, 2014

Be Sure Your Building Has Adequate Outdoor Lighting!

Antique outdoor lighting fixtures

The exterior of any home or building can be a source of attraction or repulsion for any passerby. A building that has several cracks, an overgrown lawn, and poor lighting is likely to generate feelings of disgust from any visitor. For any apartment complex, this means less potential tenants would be willing to rent from this location, and for business owners, clients may think twice before entering.

While repairing the cracks and having the lawn cut can significantly increase a building’s aesthetics, the right commercial outdoor lighting fixtures can make all the difference. These don’t necessarily have to be generic street light posts — some nice outdoor hang

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Being Out at Sea

Lawn and garden equipment parts

Having a supply of spare parts when you are on an ocean liner or a cruise ship is very important. If you run out of anything food wise while you are out at sea you will be in a heap of trouble because passengers expect a cruise ship to have a supply of spare parts and food would be one of them. Also, if something breaks while out at sea you will want a supply of spare parts so that you can fix whatever has broken. Spare parts are essential no matter what business you have but when you run out and you are far from land, it is imperative that you have spares.

A cruise ship will normally stock up at its home port with a supply of spare parts. Usually they will also have special arrangements with designated suppliers at ports of call if it is required and they have run out of something. Cruise sh

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The Importance of Tool Holders in CNC Machine Tooling

Machine tool manufacturers

If your business uses CNC machines for manufacturing, you know that it’s important for those machines to have the right parts. Without the right components, CNC presetter machines are unable to function properly and can’t handle high volume jobs. If you’re just getting to know about tool presetting machines, CNC tooling, and manufacturing, there is one part of these machines you’ll need to know about: the tool holder.

Tool holders do just what they sound like they do: they hold various cutting and boring tools in place in order to complete high volume, high velocity jobs for manufacturers. Tool holders sometimes include collets, chucks, and other inserts, which are similar in use to the chuck that holds a drill bit on a drill. ER collets are one of t

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Three Weird Ways To Get Your Daily Caffeine Fix

Cafes for sale in melbourne

According to Business Insider, people all over the world drink 500 billion cups of coffee annually. In other words, there are a fair share of people who depend on their daily caffeine fix. Luckily, new coffee franchise opportunities are giving small business owners and consumers more options. What are some the most unique ways people are enjoying coffee?

Coffee- And/Or Caffeine-Infused Soaps… Really!

Some manufacturers are getting really out there, and even producing and selling coffee-infused soaps! Users absorb the coffee and/or caffeine directly through their skin and into their bloodstream. As of it stands, experts recommend using caution — and a little common sense — when using these soaps. The FDA does not currently regulate co

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Digital Label Printing The Cheapest, Most Effective Way to Market Your Product

Digital packaging printing

On any product, a label can be the biggest selling point. When customers head to a store, they are often looking for the brand they know, and in most cases, will look for familiar text or images related to their favorite product. This is why companies spend thousands of dollars on commercial labels, and custom product labels.

There are several different types of labels, such as heat shrink sleeves, pressure sensitives labels, roll-fed labels, and also ones that undergo the in mold labeling process.

But one of the best processes to use on any label is digital printing. Here are some of the advantages of digital printing.

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