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Be Sure Your Building Has Adequate Outdoor Lighting!

Antique outdoor lighting fixtures

The exterior of any home or building can be a source of attraction or repulsion for any passerby. A building that has several cracks, an overgrown lawn, and poor lighting is likely to generate feelings of disgust from any visitor. For any apartment complex, this means less potential tenants would be willing to rent from this location, and for business owners, clients may think twice before entering.

While repairing the cracks and having the lawn cut can significantly increase a building’s aesthetics, the right commercial outdoor lighting fixtures can make all the difference. These don’t necessarily have to be generic street light posts — some nice outdoor hanging lighting fixtures, or antique lamp posts will do the trick.

Here are a few different kinds of commercial outdoor lighting fixtures.

  • Cast Aluminum. For any building, the lighting should be both tasteful and functional. This can be accomplished by using a painted cast aluminum lighting fixture that comes with a light reflector. A high-powered bulb can be fitted to the fixture to produce an adequate amount of light. Black may be an ideal color for the fixture itself, as it will fit any decor, and also give the lights a polished look.
  • Poles. With the right style of pole, any building can be perfectly lit in the night time. Instead of a boring black pole that rises up to a simple bulb, building owners can invest in a more stylish gray, or aluminum colored pole with a more vintage lighting fixture at the top — either a rounded glass cover, or even one in a 3D hexagonal shape.
  • LED. There are always more industrial-style lights that will illuminate any area with a much stronger bulb. Newer street lights and highways are headed toward LED lights for environmental purposes, but they also help to expand the amount of space covered by the bulb. These now come in sleek aluminum designs to blend into any atmosphere.

With the help of the right commercial light fixtures, any building or office will seem more appealing. Not only will they be functional, but also significantly up the building’s visual appeal. References:

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