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Being Out at Sea

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Having a supply of spare parts when you are on an ocean liner or a cruise ship is very important. If you run out of anything food wise while you are out at sea you will be in a heap of trouble because passengers expect a cruise ship to have a supply of spare parts and food would be one of them. Also, if something breaks while out at sea you will want a supply of spare parts so that you can fix whatever has broken. Spare parts are essential no matter what business you have but when you run out and you are far from land, it is imperative that you have spares.

A cruise ship will normally stock up at its home port with a supply of spare parts. Usually they will also have special arrangements with designated suppliers at ports of call if it is required and they have run out of something. Cruise ships tend to go through more food than ocean liners. The passengers and crew on just one cruise ship will consume in an average week; 20 thousand pounds of beef, 28 thousand eggs, eight thousand gallons of ice cream, and 18 thousand slices of pizza.

Ocean liners when compared to cruise ships usually have larger capacities for fuel, victuals, and other stores for consumption on long voyages. They also have specialized parts and equipment different from those found on a cruise ship. Vessel parts will include a supply of spare parts that could be needed if something broke down. Some parts of vessels that vary from cruise ships include being built to a higher standard than a typical cruise ship, including high freeboard and stronger plating to withstand rough seas and adverse conditions.

Parts of a vessel cargo include the galley. The galley usually has a supply of spare parts and food. There is usually a central galley which is responsible for serving all major restaurants on board, although sometimes the specialty restaurants will have their own galleys. These galleys will support one or more casual buffet-style eateries which may range from 24 hour restaurants, breakfast, and late-night snacks. Reference links:

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