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Digital Label Printing The Cheapest, Most Effective Way to Market Your Product

Digital packaging printing

On any product, a label can be the biggest selling point. When customers head to a store, they are often looking for the brand they know, and in most cases, will look for familiar text or images related to their favorite product. This is why companies spend thousands of dollars on commercial labels, and custom product labels.

There are several different types of labels, such as heat shrink sleeves, pressure sensitives labels, roll-fed labels, and also ones that undergo the in mold labeling process.

But one of the best processes to use on any label is digital printing. Here are some of the advantages of digital printing.

  • Quality Graphics. The images on any label are what grab a customer’s attention. The digital print presses that are used by printing companies often produce images at a high resolution, making the pictures stand out. The colors end up looking more life-like, and compared to traditional flexographic labels, the resolution is doubled.
  • Faster Production. Some custom product labels require a printing plate for each color, which means the process of printing multiple labels could take a significant amount of time. There are no plates involved in digital printing, which reduces the set up and printing time.
  • Flexibility. With digital printing, companies have a greater level of flexibility. This type of printing allows them to create at least 1,000 labels at a time that can be formatted using different information. In other words, if a company has several products, it can produce many labels for each item at the same time.

With so much money spent on branding and labeling each year, it is critical for businesses to invest in high quality printing in order to attract a larger number of consumers. Digital printing could be the key to accomplishing this, and also potentially boost a company’s profits.

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