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Three Weird Ways To Get Your Daily Caffeine Fix

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According to Business Insider, people all over the world drink 500 billion cups of coffee annually. In other words, there are a fair share of people who depend on their daily caffeine fix. Luckily, new coffee franchise opportunities are giving small business owners and consumers more options. What are some the most unique ways people are enjoying coffee?

Coffee- And/Or Caffeine-Infused Soaps… Really!

Some manufacturers are getting really out there, and even producing and selling coffee-infused soaps! Users absorb the coffee and/or caffeine directly through their skin and into their bloodstream. As of it stands, experts recommend using caution — and a little common sense — when using these soaps. The FDA does not currently regulate coffee-infused soaps. Manufacturers do not have to disclose soaps’ caffeine content, and many don’t. Be sensible, and don’t follow-up a shower with caffeinated soap with a large coffee.

Let The Coffee Come To You

Mobile coffee franchise opportunities, such as mobile coffee van businesses, are rapidly spreading across Australia, Europe, and the U.S. A growing number of franchises pack their supplies into vans and serve coffee on-the-go. Mobile coffee van businesses serve office buildings, festivals, conferences, job fairs, and much more. The vans serve all kinds of coffee, including lattes and other specialty coffees.

Can You Eat Coffee Beans?

Coffee shops and chocolatiers are getting more and more demands for chocolate-covered coffee and/or espresso beans. warns consumers that chocolate and coffee beans contain caffeine. In other words, you are in for more of a kick than with a traditional cup of coffee.

Coffee is in demand. Unique and/or mobile coffee franchises, such as mobile coffee van businesses and coffee-infused soaps are giving consumers and manufacturers more options than ever before.

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