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Archive for July, 2014

How Maintaining Cooling Tower Water Prevents Legionella Outbreaks

Type of cooling tower

Are your cooling towers as safe as they could be? Structure and materials aren’t everything: if you’re not paying attention to your water, you’re putting everyone in the tower’s vicinity at risk.

Wet cooling tower systems can actually be prime locations for the growth of Legionella, which can cause Legionnaires’ disease and other severe medical complications. People can contract these diseases through exposure to aerosols, or inhaling mist droplets that contain the bacteria.

Cooling towers used in domestic hot water systems, fountains, open recirculating evaporative cooling water system and other systems that tap into the water supply can be sources of Legionella, as can freshwater creaks and ponds.

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Could Your Small Business Benefit from a Health Spending Account?

Value for money in health spending

Canada has a publicly-funded medicare system, with most services provided by the private sector. There are a number of benefits to this system: firstly, preventative care and early considered are prioritized and yearly checkups are encouraged as a way to extend life expectancy and quality of life, as well as reduce overall costs. Secondly, there are no deductibles on basic health care and co-pays are very low or non-existent. However, around 75% of Canadians supplement these basic health services with a supplementary form of private health insurance which is often offered through their employers. For this reason, many companies, especially small businesses, find it necessary to research medical and dental insurance for small businesses. But out of the many small business health insurance pl

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The Top Four Reasons Why Content-Based SEO is Ruling the Web

Seo company texas

Search engines are quickly becoming the primary way companies gain exposure for their websites. And there’s good reason for them to do so. comScore qSearch reports that there are 4.9 billion web searches made every month — which translates to 1,890 each second.

But not all search engine optimization, or SEO, strategies are as effective as others. Some SEO techniques that encourage spammy, keyword-laden content are likely to be filtered out by Google’s algorithms.

The key to boosting your website’s rankings in any relevant web search right now is to build your SEO strategy around high-quality, engaging content.

Wondering why?

To learn more about content-based SEO techniques and their many advantages, read these four reasons why your website should be employing new SEO techniques based ar

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Why a Virtual Office Space Might Be Right for You and Your Business

Virtual office service

If you’re starting a business, one of the most costly and worrisome things you have to figure out is finding a space and location to do business. If you’ve been looking at fully furnished offices or some other type of office space rental you know that they can be pretty pricey, and that’s an expense that you’ll have to pay for every single month. What you might not know about is that you can actually have a virtual office space that serves all of your needs without draining your bank account.

If your business is small enough that you can still work at home, virtual office solutions might be right for you because they offer many of the things that a

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Keep Your Lot Clean with Parking Lot Sweeping Services

Northern virginia street sweeping

If a regular parking lot cleaning is not something you have considered yet for your business, it should be. Customers and guests begin to judge your professionalism the moment they step onto your property, and if they find a messy parking lot or garage strewn with trash and debris, they are going to think that you do not take much pride in the way you represent yourself. Parking lot sweeping companies are the perfect solution for this matter, as they can help keep the area surrounding your business looking well-taken-care-of.

Parking lot cleaning services also help protect the investment you’ve made in the asphalt or concrete surfaces in your parking lot or garage. Sweeping removes abrasive dirt, sand, and other debris which shortens the service life of your parking area’s pavement, str

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