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The Pros and Cons of Heat Shrink Labels

Sleeve labels

Heat shrink labels are an advantageous labeling solution for marketing and manufacturing. New technology allows for more variety and customization in packaging, as well as increasing cost efficiency.

Heat shrink sleeve labels are adaptable, and can be applied to a variety of container shapes. Because the shrink sleeve label can accommodate containers with curves, sharp angles, and strange grooves, the product manufacturer is able to design the packaging however they want without worrying about adhering the label to the package. The marketing team has increased freedom as well, as they are able to decorate a full 360 degrees on the label. By reducing the need for secondary packaging, shrink sleeves can be used to create combo packs of products with unique labeling.

Heat shrink sleeves are versatile, and can be applied to metal and glass containers as well as plastic packaging. In addition to labeling packaging, heat shrink tubes can be installed on various cables and wires for color-coding or safety wraps. Heat shrink labels are appropriate for use with many different products, from household goods to food and drink. Heat shrink labels can even be manufactured into tamper evident bands for pharmaceutical packaging.

One of the drawbacks of heat shrink labels is the extra time it takes to design a label to account for possible image distortion as the label shrinks and expands. Designers are developing software to help manufacturers calculate the rate of distortion. By utilizing this software, manufacturers can manipulate the art to work with the stretching and shrinking, and drastically cut their calculation times.

With so many advantages and fixable disadvantages, it is no wonder that more companies are embracing heat shrink labels for packaging and marketing. The all-around colors on the label provide a more dramatic shelf presence, and the labeling process itself is cost-effective, saving companies money. Some shrink sleeve labels are even printed on environmentally-friendly sustainable films, saving the environment as well.

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