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Three Reasons Why Your Battery Room’s Flooring Matters

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When it comes to a warehouse’s everyday operations and processes, the battery room is the hub and driving force behind much of the activity that takes place.

But if a battery room isn’t equipped with the right acid-resistant flooring surface, maintaining a sustainable level of forklift battery maintenance is next to impossible. In addition, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) both have regulations in place regarding the flooring within the warehouse battery room.

Need even more reasons to install acid-resistant flooring in your warehouse’s forklift battery maintenance area? Here are all the ways that the flooring within your battery room can improve your warehouse organization, safety and efficiency:

Acid-resistant flooring improves battery room safety

If a battery’s contents — which largely consist of acids and heavy metals — spill onto a non-acid-resistant floor, acid damage will be immediate and cause the floor’s surface to be uneven, increasing the potential for forklift battery carts to tip over or for personnel to trip and fall. With acid-resistant flooring, all these hazards can be avoided entirely.

The right flooring boosts warehouse efficiency

Trying to transport a forklift battery cart or other pieces of battery room equipment across an uneven surface eats up time and effort, cutting into your warehouse’s productivity and efficiency. To make sure your personnel can perform their jobs quickly and efficiently, acid-resistant flooring is the way to go.

Acid-resistant floor protects battery room equipment

Transporting battery handling equipment in a fixed path across an uneven floor surface results in vibration, strain and lots of stress on this equipment, causing significant wear and tear over time. With a floor that hasn’t been eaten away by acid, the need for repairs, new parts and equipment downtime can all be avoided, helping to protect the investment that is your fleet of battery room equipment.

Have any other questions for us about forklift battery room floor specifications? Ask us anything by leaving a comment below.

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