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Three Ways to Protect Personal and Business Information

Shredding companies

With all of the important personal or business information you want to keep confidential, it is important to take added precautions to destroy information so it does not fall into the wrong hands. If your business deals with important documents on a day to day basis, make sure you are keeping information safe and private by one of the following safety measures.

Onsite Document Shredding Services

Did you know that even with the rise of technology, about 95% of important business information is still stored on paper? If you deal with sensitive information, instead of recycling, throwing documents out, or leaving them to sit, you should have a data-destruction plan in place such as onsite document shredding. This way, when you are done with the information, no one else can get their hands on it. Paper shredding is absolutely essential for keeping both personal and business information confidential and secure. For businesses that deal with a high volume of paper, consider hiring onsite document shredding services from a document management company. Hiring an external source for paper shredding services helps ensure that your business will not lose money due to information theft, which costs businesses nearly $24 billion per year.

Hard Drive Destruction

For sensitive information that is stored on a computer, simply erasing the information is not always good enough. Individuals who are highly skilled in information retrieval could still be able to access confidential information even after it is erased. The only sure-fire way to guarantee that information on a hard drive can not fall into the wrong hands is through hard drive destruction or hard drive shredding. Document management firms may offer onsite hard drive destruction services in which professionals come directly to the work site to destroy the hard drive. Thus, the information never has to leave your the premises, or your sight. Once destroyed, the professionals can help ensure that the recyclable metals and electronics are delivered for processing.

Secure Document Storage Companies

For firms that deal with a high volume of sensitive records that absolutely must be kept, consider hiring secure document storage services from a document management company. Sensitive information is kept in a highly secure environment and can be accessed only by authorized personnel upon sending a retrieval request. This not only beefs up security, but can save your employees from the time-consuming task of locating the needed documents. Oftentimes, you may have the option of retrieving the needed records electronically through document scanning solutions so the needed information can be accessed in a timely manner. Consider that your important documents will also be more protected from natural disasters such as floods.

Identity theft and breaches in confidentiality are a threat you should take caution to avoid. Fortify the important records that are in your responsibility by hiring services such as onsite document shredding, hard drive destruction, or secure document storage. If you have any questions or comments about these security alternatives, please share your thoughts. Get more on this here.

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