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Archive for March, 2015

Three Reasons Why Forklift Battery Changing Training is Never an Option

Forklift battery wash cabinet

At almost every warehouse across the world, the battery handling area is one of the most crucial places of everyday operation. This is because without properly-maintained forklift batteries, it’s impossible to maintain a fleet of forklifts that can perform their jobs as well as they should.

But in an effort to save time and money, a shocking number of warehouse managers and operators will provide little to no training on forklift battery changing — and it’s an issue that has dire consequences.

Is your warehouse cutting corners on its forklift battery training to try and improve your Read more ...

Three Ways to Prevent Your Sewer Lines From Clogging

Sewer lining

In many older homes, clogged and blocked sewer lines are among the most prominent plumbing concerns that will pop up. They are not as easy to fix as a clogged drain or toilet; in fact, repairing or replacing a sewer line can cost thousands of dollars.

Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to keep your home’s sewage system free of clogs and in good working condition for as long as possible. All it requires are a few small changes to your home maintenance routine!

Are you doing all that you should to prevent clogged sewer lines? To more effectively keep your sewer lining clog-free, here are the top three things you can do:

Perform a sewer line cleaning monthly

Read more ...

Three Tip for Adjusting To Your CPAP Machine

Sleep apnea

CPAP machines are nothing short of life-saving devices for anyone suffering from obstructive sleep apnea — quite literally, in fact. Sleep apnea often goes undiagnosed for long periods of time, simply because individuals aren’t aware that they have this sleep disorder until other serious symptoms appear; symptoms resulting from long-term sleep deprivation can be very taxing mentally and physically, and can have long-term consequences on your overall health as well.

Although there are a few different treatment options available for anyone who suffers from sleep apnea, many individuals find that CPAP masks provide the most effective treatment, at a very low cost, and without having too many

Read more ...

4 Ways to Increase Your Company’s Online Presence

Managed services it

A company’s online presence is hugely important to its ability to reach and interact with customers, advertise itself to new potential partners, and ultimately, its overall success. Interested in learning 3 ways to up your company’s internet game? Check out the list below.
1) Make Your Website Work When considering that more than 3/4 of internet users base their opinion of your company’s credibility on the quality of its web design, it becomes clear that having a quality website is not just hip new feature for your company, but a necessity in today’s economy. Designing that perfect website, however, is far from simple. If you do not have the expertise in house to create a functional and attractive web page, you may need to consider working with IT managed services providers.

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