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4 Ways to Increase Your Company’s Online Presence

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A company’s online presence is hugely important to its ability to reach and interact with customers, advertise itself to new potential partners, and ultimately, its overall success. Interested in learning 3 ways to up your company’s internet game? Check out the list below.
1) Make Your Website Work When considering that more than 3/4 of internet users base their opinion of your company’s credibility on the quality of its web design, it becomes clear that having a quality website is not just hip new feature for your company, but a necessity in today’s economy. Designing that perfect website, however, is far from simple. If you do not have the expertise in house to create a functional and attractive web page, you may need to consider working with IT managed services providers. IT managed services providers can provide web design and hosting and even custom software development services. The web design tools that a managed IT service provider can offer cannot easily be matched by a novice and you will be able to tell a difference in the finished product. Bringing one of these companies on board for IT help will likely have a huge impact on your company’s overall web presence.
2) Get Social Social media is real force in today’s world. Today’s generation expects to be able to be high-touch with companies and visit not only a quality website, but also follow them on a variety of social media outlets. Making sure that you have someone familiar with social media managing your accounts will help to make sure that your customers enjoy interacting with you and allows you access to free marketing and publicity.
3) Blog It Out Do you know what can increase your number of indexed pages by more than 434%? Blogging! Writing a few short blog posts a week about what your company or employees is up to can help make you much more accessible and lets your customers and partners know what you are up to. Blogging is definitely a win-win for a company.
4) Optimize Your Search-ability Each month, there are more than 100 billion search inquiries made through search engines. These inquiries are what allow people to find your online presence in the first place. Be strategic about increasing your likelihood of showing up in someone’s search results. If you are working with IT managed services providers, they can help to set up your website in a way that drives more traffic. You cannot get new customers if they can’t find you, so do not forget to prioritize this step.
Having a robust and attractive online presence is key to having a successful business in today’s world. With a little help from professionals and some intentionality from you, you can transform your web presence and grow your business.

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