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Three Reasons Why Forklift Battery Changing Training is Never an Option

Forklift battery wash cabinet

At almost every warehouse across the world, the battery handling area is one of the most crucial places of everyday operation. This is because without properly-maintained forklift batteries, it’s impossible to maintain a fleet of forklifts that can perform their jobs as well as they should.

But in an effort to save time and money, a shocking number of warehouse managers and operators will provide little to no training on forklift battery changing — and it’s an issue that has dire consequences.

Is your warehouse cutting corners on its forklift battery training to try and improve your warehouse efficiency? It might actually be having the opposite effect. To prove this, here are the three biggest reasons why you should never skimp on training personnel for forklift battery changing and handling:

Optimized safety

The most obvious benefit of properly training personnel for work in the battery room is its safety benefits. By training personnel to wear all personal protective equipment before entering this area, your personnel will always be protected against the acids and corrosive materials contained within each forklift battery. Additionally, the battery room will be a safer environment overall when personnel know how to prevent slips, trips and falls.

Improved efficiency

When your personnel are thoroughly trained on the best procedures for forklift battery handling, they will be able to do their jobs quicker and more efficiently, boosting productivity. On average, it will take about 10.5 minutes to change out a forklift battery — with the proper training on forklift battery changing procedures and equipment, this can be cut down to just three to nine minutes.

Better forklift battery function

The lifespan of your forklift batteries relies heavily on the right maintenance procedures. If a forklift battery isn’t charged, washed or watered properly, its lifespan won’t last to its full potential, which should be around 6,000 hours. However, when your personnel are correctly performing these everyday duties, your forklifts will be able to hold their charges more effectively and last longer.

Have any other questions for us about forklift battery changing equipment and training? Feel free to ask by leaving a comment below.

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