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Archive for April, 2015

Why Should Small Businesses Consider Customer Care Outsourcing?

Quality assured electronic billing

Has your business been swamped with phone calls or emails? Are your employees having trouble keeping up with daily tasks due to customer interactions? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, then your business may benefit from having a third party handle those routine calls and customer transactions for you. This can be achieved through customer care outsourcing services, which can handle these phone calls for you.

The main reason why companies outsource has nothing to do with cutting staff or putting anyone out of the job. The need for customer care outsourcing typically arises when a growing business suddenly doesn’t have the right level of staffing to handle phone calls, emails, or tasks such as

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5 Things You Need in a Purchasing Agent Agreement

American cargo trailers

If you are looking into hiring a purchasing agent, especially an international purchasing agent, you will want to look into purchasing agent agreements. Purchasing agent agreements act as a contract between you and your agent, that lays out the purchasing agent responsibilities and description of what will be purchased. If the products or goods that you will be buying are of high value, you will likely want to include a lawyer or an attorney in this process to ensure that the transactions all go smoothly. Below are just a few things that you will want to make sure are included in your purchasing agent agreement.

The first things you will want included in your agreement are the names of the

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Three Reasons Why Forklift Battery Rotation Matters More Than You Think

Forklift battery charger storage

No other object is as vital to everyday warehouse efficiency than the forklift battery. These batteries, weighing in at a massive 2,000 pounds, are responsible for powering your warehouse’s fleet of forklifts and keeping productivity at an optimal level.

Because of the importance of maintaining a fleet of fully-functional, properly-maintained forklift batteries for your warehouse’s success, it’s crucial to invest in the equipment that will help your forklift battery fleet work at its full potential. One of the most important investments any warehouse can make? Implementing the right forklift battery management software.

To learn more

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Romney Speaks Out About His “Binders Full of Women” Comment

Mead 3 ring binder

It can be difficult to say what will and won’t define a person’s political career. Some great deeds are forgotten, for example, while others are lionized. Likewise, misdeeds can become scandals for one politician even as similar behavior from another goes unnoticed. This seems especially true for statements: some lawmakers have likely found that a comment made in passing can go on to represent a significant part of the public’s perception of their career. While there are plenty of instances of this throughout history, one of the best recent examples is former presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s statement about “binders full of women.” However, in a recent interview, Romney stated that he doesn’t believe his comments about this popular organizational tactic and women in politics harmed his campaign.


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The Importance of Pre-Retirement Planning

Coaching para vendedores

Are you older and fed up with increased work hours with no payout? Are you considering retiring early or retiring before 67? You’re not alone-about 80% of workers don’t want to go work come Monday morning. This could be due to the increase in time spent working over the last 20 years. Work time has gone up 20% while free time has gone down by 33%. However, many retirees from their day job maintain that they don’t want to retire completely. With some pre retirement planning, you can probably find a low impact or part-time job to fill your time. It’s best to do pre retirement planning-experts recommend a five year plan-to help organize.
Where Do I Start?
If you have no idea where to start in your pre retirement planning, Read more ...

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