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Three Reasons Why Forklift Battery Rotation Matters More Than You Think

Forklift battery charger storage

No other object is as vital to everyday warehouse efficiency than the forklift battery. These batteries, weighing in at a massive 2,000 pounds, are responsible for powering your warehouse’s fleet of forklifts and keeping productivity at an optimal level.

Because of the importance of maintaining a fleet of fully-functional, properly-maintained forklift batteries for your warehouse’s success, it’s crucial to invest in the equipment that will help your forklift battery fleet work at its full potential. One of the most important investments any warehouse can make? Implementing the right forklift battery management software.

To learn more about how forklift battery changing, rotation and management software can benefit your warehouse, read this list of the top three benefits of investing in these systems:

Reduced operating costs

Implementing software for forklift battery rotation helps you get the most out of each battery. And when the average forklift battery costs thousands of dollars to replace, optimizing a forklift battery’s lifespan and performance will save your warehouse significant amounts of money and cut operating costs.

Faster detection of forklift battery problems

Forklift battery rotation software closely monitors the condition of each forklift battery that is put into storage after the forklift battery changing process. It will immediately alert you to any problems taking place within a battery, allowing you to fix the problem as soon as it occurs and prevent failures and reduced performance.

Extended forklift battery life

Did you know that an estimated 30% of forklift batteries are under-utilized — and an additional 20% of them are over-utilized — when a warehouse doesn’t use forklift battery management software? By investing in this technology, you can be assured that all your batteries are being used equally, preserving their lifespans and preventing the damage associated with over-use.

Want to know more about finding the right forklift battery changing equipment for your warehouse? Feel free to ask any questions you may have by leaving a comment below.

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