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Archive for July 27th, 2015

Things to Consider When Looking Into Tank Storage

Pvc liners for tanks

It seems that news about storage tank leaks pop up more often than they used to. Various locales suffer damage to their ecosystems and economies, when many of these incidents could be prevented by adhering to API 650 and 653 inspection standards. These underscore the importance of knowing what your api tank needs are and ensuring that you are meeting them. Inspections are an important step in tank care and maintenance.

The government is very strict about these inspections and regulations in particular because so many things could potentially go wrong. For example, on March 2, an oil spill from an above ground storage tank in Washington

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Silicosis is a Chronic Lung Disease Caused by Some Unsafe Work Conditions

Downdraft paint booth

More than 1 million American workers are at risk of developing silicosis, a chronic lung disease that is caused by breathing in even the tiniest bits of silica dust. Silica, the second most common mineral in the earth’s crust, is a major component of sand, rock, and mineral ores like quartz. People working in jobs where they breathe in tiny silica bits—like sandblasting, mining, or various other kinds of metal shop work—are at the highest risk for silicosis. Inhaling tiny particles of silica can potentially cause fluid buildup and scar tissue in a worker’s lungs, decreasing the ability to breathe. Consistent use of an aluminum dust collector, and attention to its proper maintenance can significantly decrease the chance of exposing workers to these dangerous conditions.

Acute silicosis, a dangerous brea

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When Finding New Office Space, You Can Change a Lot

Office space for lease

Finding office space for rent can be a daunting task. Whether you’ve recently started a business, or are just looking to expand your current business space, it can be hard to find office space that meets all of your needs. So before you rent office space, consider these factors it will bring to your business:

It can change the feel – The first thing people notice when they enter your business is the office. How does it look? How does it represent your business? If you’re looking to change your space, take this into account when picking your new office. You can find buildings that give off a more antique, stylish ambiance that reflects your modern, contem

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