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Electronic Billing Why it’s Important to Stay on Top of Your Medical Information

Medical billing

From 2014 to 2015, there was a 0% increase in average health insurance premiums, but that doesn’t mean there haven’t been other changes in the medical field in the past year. With the medical market constantly shifting, it is important to stay on top of medical billing information. In some cases, up to 250 medical professionals can be involved in the medical billing procedure. Even with all of the recent medical changes and advances, it may take all of these individuals to compile even one bill. To ensure your bill gets to you as quickly and accurately as possible, it is crucial to stay informed about your health care facility.

The need for medical transcriptionists and health information technicians is rapidly growing, which means there is a greater market for electronic data in medical facilities. With these fields expanding, health care facilities could be on the road to more efficient, electronically based billing. In fact, in 2010, statistics show that nearly 80% of healthcare facilities used some kind of electronic record keeping.

The increase in electronic record keeping has led to faster, more efficient, and more accurate medical facility billing. Less than half of all medical statements sent out by a health care facility are sent out in paper form, lending even more evidence to the growing popularity of electronic billing notifications. Recent surveys have shown that over half of all millenials would prefer to receive an electronic form of patient billing. Electronic billing not only allows health care facilities to ensure faster, more accurate statements, but having multiple options when it comes to receiving bills has increased customer satisfaction.

Paper bills have become more and more obsolete in the past few years, in part because it is expensive to keep sending out paper with every new medical change, but even more so because they allow customers to become disorganized and jumbled. The ability to have all medical billing resources in one electronic file can be extremely helpful in keeping up to date with the newest medical information.

Your health care facility is there to help you keep up to date with the most recent changes in health care. In 2012, nearly 50 million people were uninsured and uninformed about the most recent changes in the health care industry. With the increasing market for electronic statements, more and more people are becoming informed, and your health care facility can help you stay updated. Receiving electronic updates is a simple, organized way to keep track of your health care information.

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