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Why Packaging is So Easy to Take for Granted

Formulation development and manufacturing

Society is spoiled. It’s become incredibly easy to take a lot of things for granted in life; smartphones and mobile devices, a perfectly brewed cup of coffee from your favorite cafe or coffee shop, and perhaps what’s most commonly taken for granted is blister card packaging, also commonly referred to as blister pack packaging.

While blister packaging companies and pharmaceutical packaging companies have been hard at work creating the most ergonomically and intuitively designed blister packaging, you’ve been kicking back and enjoying the fruits of their labor. However, that’s kind of a good sign. After all, if a package is so safe and easy to use that you’re able to take it for granted without a single thought, then in a way, it’s served its purpose.

So what is biotechnology packaging? And what is blister packaging?

Biotechnology packaging is an emerging field within the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. It involves design and creating packaging that is safe, effective, and ideally sustainable for hospitals, doctor’s offices, and other healthcare and medical facilities. While blister packaging often falls under biotechnology packaging designs, most people are more familiar with blister packages than the term biotechnology packaging.

Perhaps one of the most common examples of blister packaging is over the counter cold medicine. This easy to packaging designs allow care givers and patients alike to quickly administer the correct dosage per the package’s instructions for use.

In addition to biotechnology packaging designs, track and trace serialization software is a tool commonly used in the biotechnology packaging sector. Similar to task management or task tracking software used in many other fields, track and trace serialization software allows manufacturers to better manage and track medical devices and biologics from manufacturer to plant. These kinds of software systems are crucial for managing inventory, as well as expediting the manufacturing process.

While it’s easy to everyday items such as the packaging of over the counter drugs for granted, the process of how they grew to become so “unforgettable” is truly quite fascinating!

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