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Archive for August 6th, 2015

3 Reasons Your Industrial Company Should Invest In Dust Collection

Dust collection systems

We know you. You’re one of the guys in that great American photograph on the iron beam eating his lunch–or at least, you’re his spiritual successor. You helped build this country, helped to forge it out of metal and granite and stone–and now you own a company where others work to do the same.

We congratulate you. But we also caution you. The business you’re in comes with a lot of occupational hazards, and one of the greatest day to day hazards you and your company faces is metallic dust. If you or your employees do a lot of welding or sanding in close quarters, then it is absolutely essential that you invest in a downdraft table with a built in aluminum dust collector and a fu

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What You Need to Know About the API 653 Standard

Above ground storage tanks manufacturer

If you’re going to be doing anything related to liquid fertilizer tanks, then you need to be familiar with the API 653 standard. What is that, exactly? Tank Inspection Protocol API 653 is what regulates the inspection, repair, alteration and reconstruction of steel above ground storage tanks used widely in the chemical and petroleum industries. First published in 1991, the API

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In Social Media Marketing, Your Best Competitors Are Your Best Friends

Custom website design

In 2015, social media marketing is an integral part of most marketing strategies. Everyone from massive corporations to local ice cream trucks rely on Twitter, Facebook, and the rest to connect with customers, grow their brand, and generate leads. While some some web development experts might like to complain that social media marketing is just a distraction, it can be a valuable investment of your time. Just remember: you only get out of social media marketing what you put into it.

Social media also highlights one of the most fundamental truths of the Internet, a simple principle that a shocking number of website designers, business owners, and managers fail to un

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