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Archive for September, 2015

Looking for a Recession-Proof Investment? Savvy Investors Interested In Gold Bars

Buy gold bars

In an effort to bear up against a rapidly fluctuating world currency market, many investors are making the choice to invest in gold bars and gold bullion. In America alone, over $7 trillion in gold is traded and deposited yearly; worldwide there is an increasing market for gold, as it is seen as a solid investment that can mitigate higher-risk options for financial investment.

Investors who choose to back up their investing by acquiring gold bars, gold bullion, and other precious metals may store them either in vaults provided by the company facilitating the precious metals exchange or are legally allowed to store the bars and bullion on their own property in a manner of their choosing. Precious metals brokers may provide guidance as to the proper temperature and conditions for storage.

Most gold

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Is Your College Student Using Their Cell Phone Too Much? How to Organize for Success

Small 3 ring binders

A growing trend among college students and other young people, often referred to as “Millennials,” is personal organization. Surprisingly, the use of home electronic devices such as tablets and cell phones, has inspired a new generation to get organized. Looking for ways to gain a competitive edge, many Millennials choose to organize themselves without the help of their electronic devices, citing online security concerns and overall costs.

Not only are Millennials poised to spend close to $1 billion on school supplies and electronics this year, they are also ready to excel at school and work. They are increasingly using laser labels to organize numbered dividers and reduce c

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Top Reasons You Should Call A Cleaning Service Today

School cleaning fresno

Janitorial services are essential to make sure your everyday schools, businesses and institutions continue running smoothly. Without routine cleaning many places of business or residence run the risk of encouraging illness and deterring away future customers. Certified cleaning services follow rigorous cleanliness standards and ensure that your church or day care can stay physically and environmentally safe. Below are the top reasons you should call cleaning services if you notice your center or school could use a touch-up.


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Massachusetts Development Agency to Fund $30M Project for Clean Heating and Cooling Rebates

Heat pumps lansing

Furnaces usually last for 15 to 18 years, but if you live in Massachusetts it might be worth replacing yours regardless of how old it is. Alicia Barton, CEO of Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC), announced earlier this week the agency will be starting a $30 million, five-year project to improve the efficiency, environmental impact, and cost of heating and cooling systems in homes and businesses across the state. The funding will be provided through the state’s Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) department. The head of the EEA, Matthew Beaton, explained the importance of the new initiative in a statement reported by the industry news source,

“This funding will offer many Massachusetts residents access to efficient, Read more ...

Big Mistakes Business Owners Make When Leasing a Commercial Space

Orlando office space

Renting commercial space is a big step for any business owner. However, finding the perfect commercial lease is no simple task, and there are many different issues that can pop up during the process. Here are a few mistakes you?ll want to avoid making while entering into an office lease agreement.

Not Comparing Rent Prices

Just because it seems like a good deal, doesn?t mean it is. Before agreeing to sign off on any commercial leases, it?s best to compare the rent prices to other similar commercial real estate developments. Find out what the going rate is for the market before talking to the owner of the commercial real estate development, and see if what they offer you is close to these rates. If they aren?t, then you may need a little more negotiation.

Lack of Nego

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