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Looking for a Recession-Proof Investment? Savvy Investors Interested In Gold Bars

Buy gold bars

In an effort to bear up against a rapidly fluctuating world currency market, many investors are making the choice to invest in gold bars and gold bullion. In America alone, over $7 trillion in gold is traded and deposited yearly; worldwide there is an increasing market for gold, as it is seen as a solid investment that can mitigate higher-risk options for financial investment.

Investors who choose to back up their investing by acquiring gold bars, gold bullion, and other precious metals may store them either in vaults provided by the company facilitating the precious metals exchange or are legally allowed to store the bars and bullion on their own property in a manner of their choosing. Precious metals brokers may provide guidance as to the proper temperature and conditions for storage.

Most gold bullion available in America is pressed into the American Gold Eagle coin, a heavily collected and traded coin worldwide. American gold mines produced over 200 tons of gold last year, and new options for successful gold mining continue to be explored by investors around the world.

Typically gold bars come in 10 ounce, 32 ounce or kilogram, and 400 ounce sizes: most stores that sell gold in America deal exclusively in 10 ounce bars, but international supply companies may be able to contract with investors for larger quantities in larger sizes. The record for largest gold bar, however, goes to a 440 pound — or 7,040 ounce — gold bar, location undisclosed.

Gold is so rare, experts say, that more steel is created every single hour of every day than the sum total of all gold that has ever been discovered and refined in recorded history. And, startlingly, approximately three-quarters of all gold available has been extracted in the last 100 years.

Precious metals enthusiasts and dedicated numismatists
continue to look for high-quality metals that will appreciate over time. Buying gold can be facilitated by experts in the field, and buyers are strongly counseled to seek experienced, trustworthy guidance when making significant investment purchases.

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