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Archive for October, 2015

Why Different Types of Steam Traps Are Used Throughout All Industries

Steam products

As industrial processes have expanded and evolved over the past century, people are constantly on the look out for sources of power that are more efficient and powerful than previous methods. At one point, almost everything was run from the burning of coal. We then moved on to the use of the combustion of fossil fuels into power through combustion engines. Currently we have settled on the most economical source of power to date, electricity.

While electricity itself can offer a lot of power, other techniques have been developed that harness electricity to facilitate other power generating processes. Different types of steam traps are mechanisms that use electricity to heat water inside of a container, transforming it into steam. The gas that is released is not only very hot, but when being pushed out throu

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Are you Afraid That Your Agency is Not Being Careful Enough with Customer Records?

Chicago shredding

Security is a concern for all Americans. In a society that generates large amounts of both digital and paper documents, security is especially important. No one wants to deal with the repercussions of identity theft, and businesses who store and process large amounts of personal data for customers need to be especially diligent about how onsite document shredding is handled. One of the major ways that companies, especially health agencies, can provide the best security for its customers is by contracting with a hard drive shredder and paper shredding services company.
Because of the amount of personal documentation needed for the care of patients, the healthcare industry must strive to keep information secure. Although much of the “paperwork” is now digital, real copies of many files also exist. The FBI

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6 Tips for Finding the Best Payment Processor

Checking the Credit CardMore and more people prefer to use their credit cards to make purchases. In 2013, Americans spent $4.6 trillion with their credit cards. Globally, in 2013, there were at least 279 million Visa cards in circulation. In the United States, there were about 522 million being used.  If you do not take credit card payments now, all of this data on how much they are used may have you thinking you should start but you need to find the right payment processing solution for your business.

You have many options in selecting a payment processing solution company. Here are some things to consider:

  1. How many transactions do you think you handle every day and how much is the average amount? Some payment processors prefer a lot of little transactions and others work better with companies that have fewer transactions in a day but that are larger. More and more people leave the home without any case and will pay for everything from a cup of coffee to expensive equipment with a card.
  2. Will you take any credit card payments in person? Payment processing companies prefer it when merchants can physically swipe a customer’s card to take a payment because it is easier to prevent fraud this way. Many cards have photos on them of the customer so the retailer can check and make sure the person making the payment is authorized to do so. processing payment services companies will accept other kinds of payments but they do charge more for them.
  3. Will you sell your goods or services online? If your business has an ecommerce site requires different things than a brick and mortar store. Your payment processing solution firm with experience in this area. Statista has predicted that about 1.2 billion people will purchase goods or services online by the end of 2015 so if you can sell your wares this way, it can be a really good way to boost your bottom line.
  4. Make sure you ask about the fees the different payment gateway services charge. Every company that processes credit card payments has a different approach. Some are more transparent than others and there may be additional fees. Some companies charge “batch fees,” which many retailers do not expect. You do not want to be surprised by unexpected fees than can really impact your bottom line. Make sure you are absolutely clear on what the cancellation policy is.
  5. Leave no question unasked. If the sales team at the payment processing solution company does not want to take the time to answer all of your questions, you should go elsewhere. if they cannot take the time to talk to you before you sign anything, they most definitely will not have it once you have.
  6. Ask your friends what service they use. You probably know merchants who take credit cards, ask them what they use. Do they like their payment processing company? Are they just staying with them because the cancellation fee is so large? It is good to talk to people who have used a company to get their feedback.

Your New Virtual Reality Working From Home

Book a meeting room

These days, you can do just about anything virtually. But have you heard of a virtual office? Now, you may be saying, “No way! How does that work? How can you have a virtual office?” The sly answer of course, is that technology makes almost anything possible. There are multiple benefits to using a virtual office suite — saving money, working from the comfort of your own home, and more. Hate that long commute to work? Don’t worry: with a virtual office, you don’t have to anymore! You can even have access to conference spaces, a virtual assistant, and all the comforts of working in a regular office…but from home!
So What Are Virtual Offices?
I suppose you could call just working from home a virtual office, but the kind of virtual office we’re talking about is so much more than that

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Santa has Helpers, Why Shouldn’t Your E-Commerce Site?

Marketing logistics

Online retailing is big business: 80% of online users have purchased something online and 50% have done something more than once. Predictions show that it?s only gong to continue to grow, experts predict that by 2018, e-commerce sales will reach almost $500 billion.

In a survey done of online shoppers, 83% are most satisfied with how easy it is to check out, 82% like the variety of brands and products, and 79% like the ability to track the shipping of their purchase online. When shoppers were asked what they would like to see improved upon, almost 60% said they?d like free or discounted shipping.

With the holidays coming, and bad weather, and shipping choices to make for ecommerce order fulfillment on top of everything else? it?s time to get help with Read more ...

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