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Are you Afraid That Your Agency is Not Being Careful Enough with Customer Records?

Chicago shredding

Security is a concern for all Americans. In a society that generates large amounts of both digital and paper documents, security is especially important. No one wants to deal with the repercussions of identity theft, and businesses who store and process large amounts of personal data for customers need to be especially diligent about how onsite document shredding is handled. One of the major ways that companies, especially health agencies, can provide the best security for its customers is by contracting with a hard drive shredder and paper shredding services company.
Because of the amount of personal documentation needed for the care of patients, the healthcare industry must strive to keep information secure. Although much of the “paperwork” is now digital, real copies of many files also exist. The FBI estimates that information theft costs American businesses close to $24 Billion a year. Alarmingly, nearly half of of these security breaches are caused by physical acts like dumpster diving. Rather than throw out old equipment, businesses must be sure to use a hard drive shredder service.
What is your company doing to provide security for your customers? Do you have a secure plan to destroy the 10,000 sheets of copy paper the average American office employee uses every year? Since Americans use 4 million tons of copy paper every year, your company’s choice of getting rid of these papers is both an issue of privacy, as well as an environmental concern.
Does your large company or health agency use a cost effective document shredding company? If so, are you also working with a confidential hard drive shredder service that has a strong environmental reputation? According to the American Forest and Paper Association, an impressive 63.5% of the paper offices and businesses use is being recycled. Is this true of the bulk shredding services your company uses?
In many cases the paper shredding company you work with can come to your office once a month or provide you a module, or storing center, for you to use until they come out for the scheduled shredding. Once the documents have been securely destroyed, the most environmentally friendly paper shredding company will also plan to recycle.
The best and most responsible businesses and agencies make the decision to contract with a reputable and environmentally conscious company for their secure shredding services needs. Are you one of the companies who care about your customer’s privacy, as well as the environmental impact of your documents?

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