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Archive for November, 2015

Trenchless Sewer Repair Eliminates Messy Digging

Trenchless pipe repair miami

Over time, sewer lines can develop leaks, cracks and blockages. A clogged sewer line in fact can become an emergency. Most people put off thinking about sewer line repair because of the work and disruption involved. After all, it means nosy diggers, mud everywhere, the lawn and backyard landscaping ruined, doesn’t it? Not necessarily. With trenchless pipe replacement and repair, all the work can be done with a minimum of fuss and noise.

Trenchless pipe repair has been around for about 15 years, though most people are not aware of it. It makes possible sewer line replacement and repairs with a minimum of digging.

Do your home’s sewer lines need repair?

If y

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7 Ways to be a Top Seller

Sales recruitment firm

You maybe asking yourself, is sales a good career? It really depends on who you are and how you sell. Let’s go over a few characteristics necessary to be a great salesperson.

  1. Great sales people set their own high goals. They aren’t waiting for the boss to set their goals and quotas. They are proactive people that set high and challenging goals. Goals that are specific, demanding, attainable but out of current arms reach, relevant and within a specific time frame our best. Being able to visualize how you will achieve your goal and take the initiation to achieve it is crucial to making it as a sales person.
  2. They say there is no stupid question, however, the best kinds of salespeople make sure they are ask

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3 Types of Office Space In Today’s Business Environment

Delaware virtual office locations

Aside from the actual products or services a company offers, one of their most important aspects is the environment in which they work out of. Office space solutions have changed drastically over the years. Although many companies still operate out of the stereotypical, cubicle-based setup, technology and innovative approaches to lease deals have created new opportunities especially for small businesses and startups. Here are three office space leasing arrangements that are available in virtually every city in America today.

3 Ways To Protect Your Commercial Building From A Fire

Fire suppression service

If you’re a property manager, you are all too aware of the dangers of fire. Every year, hotel fires result in about 15 deaths and $75 million in property damage. Other commercial buildings like apartment complexes, hospitals and office buildings are equally at risk. Fortunately, by following the right fire suppression service tips, you can decrease your chances of destruction and possibly death.

Check fire alarms.

Routinely check and replace the batteries in your fire alarms and smoke detectors to make sure they are working correctly. Monitoring your fire alarm system is key in early detection- even notifying the fire department 10 to 15 minutes be

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Saving Money With Brass Garden Hose Fittings

Brass valve

When trying to reduce the utility costs of a home, most people can recall their fathers complaining about leaving lights and televisions on, or shutting off the air conditioning or furnace until it is completely necessary. However, they may be completely underestimating the effect that water usage can have on their bills.

Even if some may attempt to take shorter showers or to reduce water consumption in some manner, much of their usage could actually be the result of leakage. The average household leaks can account for more than an estimated 10,000 gallons of water being wasted every year. To put this into perspective, this is enough water to complete washing 270 loads of laundry.

A common cause of leaks are a result of insufficient valves and fittings. Even if the water escaping is only a trickle, ove

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