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Archive for December 30th, 2015

4 Misconceptions We All Have About Nonprofit Careers

Not for profit jobs nyc

Many qualified and talented employees shy away from seeking nonprofit jobs, even when they have a passion for the cause, because the stigma attached to it. A lot of professionals think that nonprofit jobs are not good steppingstones on a career path, nonprofit salaries are less than their corporate counterparts, and nonprofit jobs are taken less seriously than for-profit jobs. While some of these things are true for some nonprofit agencies, the same could be said for for-profit companies. The individual organization determines this more than the type of tax code that gives it nonprofit or for-profit status.

Here a few common myths associated with working in nonprofit job

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3 Ways a Commercial Fire Alarm Company Save Lives

Fire alarm repair

They are loud and almost painful to the ears, but fire alarms are a vitally important system to have in place for any commercial structure. Everything from electrical shorts to contact between a heat source and flammable material can lead to serious fires with harsh consequences.

Not only can fires cost a substantial amount of money to repair the damage they cause, but even more worrisome is the threat they pose to people’s lives. Just hotel and motel fires alone are responsible for an estimated 15 deaths and 150 injuries every year. So how does a commercial fire alarm company help avoid the dangers of fires?:

  1. Quick response: Commercial

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