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Archive for January 21st, 2016

Are You Worried About Expensive Heating Repairs?

Air conditioning

The hilarious tweets start ping ponging back and forth between the district superintendent and the high school students as soon as the forecast for snow is announced. The social media feed is a great way to join in the fun of the weather prediction game that every school kid and teacher in the cold weather states across the nation can relate to:

  • Superintendent tweets:MPSstudents – not thinking a snow day but will be up early checking weather/forecast. A slim chance is better than no chance! #study
  • Student tweets:How much would it cost us to get a snow day? The accompanying photo shows students pretending to bribe the superintendent with a stack of bills at a high school basketball game.
  • Superintendent tweets:MPS students – Enjoy

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What to look for when purchasing a small server rack enclosure

Used network racks

A computer server is what coordinates functions within a network. This includes data, programs, and devices like printers between the workstation computers that are on the network. It also helps back up and keeps information safe from those who do not have access. Therefore, unless you only have one computer running your business, chances are you have more than one server in order to keep all of your employees computers running, as well as your own. You also probably have a separate server for internet traffic and business through your website. Therefore, you need several small server rack enclosures to maintain them.
There are several questions that need to be answered in order to find the small server rack enclosures that are right for your business. First and foremost, you need to determine how many sma

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Joe says Hi

Welcome to Kameleon Media, the home of Joe Kameleon. You can expect the best news and media from Joe. He will bring you news, weather and financial market info. Stop back everyday (Joe misses you when you aren't here)


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