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Get to Know the Best Fire Protection System for Your Building

Fire alarm service

Every commercial building should be equipped with a safe and reliable way to extinguish fires. If your building contains expensive technology or anything that could be damaged by water, you should know you have options when it comes to a fire protection system. An automatic fire suppression system can control a fire without human intervention and without a single drop of water.
You may have heard of fire suppression systems as a means of fire protection, but many are unfamiliar with how they work. Fire suppression systems rely on gases or aerosols to put out fires. The gases work as powerful extinguishing agents that fill a room quickly to smother the fire. Fire needs oxygen to grow; the basic idea behind this type of fire protection system is that it replaces the oxygen in the air with other gases or chemicals.
If you are shopping around for a fire protection system, you may have heard it referenced as Clean Agent fire suppression. The name comes from the safety of the gases used. Older models used chemicals that were detrimental to human health. The Clean Agent systems are in line with the standards and regulations in place for these types of fire protection.
Fire protection services in commercial buildings need to have two important components. Other than the actual gas distribution method, you need an alarm system to alert your patrons, residents, or employees that a fire has been detected. Commercial fire alarm systems need to be installed throughout the entire space for maximum safety. Although the gases are clean agents, they can still be harmful if inhaled and it is best to evacuate the building when the system is engaged.
Fire protection systems that use gases are most popular in data centers, but are not limited to them. If your building has any precious or important assets, consider installing a gas fire suppression system in your commercial space.

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