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Protect Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself Business Security Systems

Managed access control system

What’s the best way to secure your business and its assets? In the past, it primarily required hiring at least one diligent, specially trained, physically fit person to act as security guard. While some businesses still hire guards to protect their assets and discourage burglars during daylight, the advancement of technology and the need for increased efficiency has made commercial security solutions simpler, cheaper, and much more effective. Here’s a brief look into what modern commercial security and alarm systems can do:

Don’t Be Alarmed! Deterring Burglars:

Many businesses are home to several valuable objects as well as valuable information, therefore one of the most important functions of any security system is to keep robbers and other unauthorized personnel out. Studies have shown that merely the presence of an alarm system can prevent a significant amount of attempted burglaries. More than half of intruders admit that they would cease their burglary attempt if they discovered an alarm.

Modern alarm systems are incredibly efficient, too. Most of them feature a built-in delay, meaning the system won’t contact the monitoring company right away. This is useful since about 96% of alarm activations are false. Even these false alarms require thorough investigation just in case. Those that are real, however, still receive the proper timely response necessary to prevent a robbery (if the sound of the alarm itself doesn’t do the job already, that is).

Provide a Safer Work Environment for Employees:

Protecting its assets is one of the most important actions a business takes. Employees are the most important assets of all. After all, they keep the business running, give it a human face, and maintain its reputation. Additionally, if an employee doesn’t feel safe on the job, that employee will fail to do the best job he/she can do. Installing the proper business security system creates an atmosphere of safety and gives employees the peace of mind to focus on their work.

Where’s the Fire? Preventing Other Kinds of Hazards:

While theft is certainly the main reason for having a proper security system, it isn’t the only one. A business’ valuable items can be stolen, but they can also be damaged, burned, and destroyed by non-human factors. Even with insurance, a business can be ruined, at least temporarily, by a fire. This is why many modern commercial security systems not only detect break-ins but also possible fires. These fires can be prevented by automated sprinklers as well as the nearest fire department, which is notified by the alarm system.

Stay Efficient with Advanced Access Control Systems:

What else can state of the art security systems do? Advanced access control systems make it easy to allow authorized personnel to enter and exit their place of business. These systems typically involve one or more off-site operators using an integrated software with the ability to remotely lock and unlock doors, set timers for locking, grant or deny permission to certain people, and more.

Advanced access control systems are both safe and efficient since they work in real time. If suspicious activity is reported to the operator, he/she can lock the doors of the location. Or, if an authorized employee needs to enter the facility at a time when doors are automatically locked, the remote operator can unlock the door to allow entrance. Many of these systems also allow for other forms access beyond traditional keys, such as smartphone connectivity and thumbprint scanners.

The world often seems like an unsafe place, but if you own a business and install a modern security and alarm system, you can sleep better at night knowing that your valuables are being protected and will await you in the morning.

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