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Archive for February, 2016

When’s The Last Time You Had Your Workplace Checked For Safety?

Material lifting equipment

How do you create a conscientious working environment for your employees and customers alike? Some businesses apply for crane training, teaching their workers the ins and outs of useful equipment as they do their daily work. Others prefer signing them up for fall arrest training, detailed seminars that give them the skills and technical know-how to avoid common accidents and work with confidence. Yet more prefer doing their research and investing in quality rigging equipment to get the job done as efficiently as possible. The ideal method? All of the above and more. Safety is incredibly important for both people and businesses alike and a quick investment in round slings or lifting slings won’t do much without the prio

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Manufacturers Aim to Offer Only the Best Instruments and Tools to Today’s Busy Engineers


Are you in the market for a measurement product or service that can be integrated into a piece of equipment? Whether it’s a product for strain gaging, sensors, load cells or load pins, torque wrenches, or any other possible product that an engineer might need to carry out a job, there are manufacturers and distributors out there to supply their needs.

To understand that need of engineers it’s best to understand what their required products and tools are and do. Take the hydraulic load cell, for instance. These can operate at temperatures as low as -76 degrees F! And there’s not just one type of load cells, there are five that include hydraulic load cells, strain gauge type Read more ...

The 10 Elevator Facts People Should Know

Elevator safety company

Elevators are one a common sight in the United States, ignored in general until they are not working. Most people know little about them except the basics of their operation, and even that knowledge might be incorrect. Meanwhile, there are actually many interesting facts about elevators, and here are 10 of them.

  1. Elevators are not a recent invention. According to the writings of Vitruvius, the famous mathematician Archimedes created the elevator in 236 BC.
  2. Rome had elevators too. The Colosseum was equipped with them, but getting them to work was no easy matter. The brute force of over 200 men was needed to make these platforms rise out of the maze of tunnels beneath the enormous building.
  3. The modern elevator was invented by Elisha Graves Otis. The company he formed supplie

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Make Your Customers and Employees Happy With A Great Drive-Thru Intercom System

Pure water technology

Are you the owner of a business that is in need of a sound system, drive-thru intercom system or surveillance system? Perhaps some customers have mentioned how they wish there was music playing while they dined at your restaurant and you want to be accommodating. Or maybe you have had shoplifting incidents recently and want to install a security system that will make that less likely to happen in the future. Whether you are expanding your business to include a drive-thru intercom system or just looking to keep customers happy with a little music through a sound system, there are some things you should look for when you shop. Here are just a few:

1. Sound Systems – When was the last time you thought about Read more ...

Three Factors to Consider Before Saying Yes to a New Employer

Managing your retirement income

As gas prices decrease and minimum wage increases, many Americans are becoming aware of the subtle shifts taking place within the corporate world. Businesses are more competitive than ever in today’s crowded marketplace. While customers remain a primary point of contention between businesses, many businesses have to worry about employee retention as well. What was once a perk of working with a company is now becoming the norm as companies compete over employees by offering higher wages and more enticing benefits; here are three ways to determine whether or not you are working for a company that puts their employees first.

Employee Benefits

Even the most passionate of employees need a break every once in a while. There are too many companies across the nation that

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