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Archive for March, 2016

Trenchless Sewer Repair Allows Home Owners a Less Disruptive Option

Sewer replacement aurora

What were you doing in 1976?

  • Were you born yet?
  • Were you in high school?
  • What kind of car did you drive? Are you still driving that car today?
  • How did you listen to music? Did you have an eight track player?
  • Were you able to get a flu shot to prevent the latest strain of this dangerous virus?
  • Did you have to make sure that you made it to the bank to get the cash you needed before they closed?
  • Did you wear a helmet when you were riding a bike?
  • Did your parents let you walk across town and play with your friends until dark?
  • Were you living in the same house that you live in now? If so, have you made decorating updates to that house? Do you still have the same shag carpet and orange laminate flooring?

No matte

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Small Business Owners Report that Trade Shows are Essential for Marketing and Networking

Trade show exhibit display

Looking to give your small business a boost? Recent studies deliver encouraging statistics for small business advertising and marketing efforts during trade show rental exhibits. Taking the time to design trade show exhibit displays could boost business for new businesses: the average trade show guest spends more than nine hours looking at trade show rental booths and discussing industry-related topics with businesses of every size.

Of course, most trade shows are hosted in larger cities, and it is essential for business owners to book hotels and other services, like car rental, well in advance of the trade shows’ dates. Hotels can fill up quickly, and it could be costly

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Confidential Shredding Services Are an Important Part of Many Business Sectors

Recycle waste paper

The decision to outsource some office tasks can be an easy one to make. While new businesses with a small staff can initially complete all of their own office work, payroll, and confidential shredding services, they often need to upgrade their office plans as they grow. A new business in Newark, New Jersey, that shows extreme growth in its first year in operation, for example, may decide to outsource the overwhelming task of secure document destruction to a larger company that specializes in NJ bulk shredding.
Whether you are looking for a NJ bulk shredding service or a Read more ...

How a New Sign Can Grow Your Church’s Congregation

Commercial business signs

Eight out of ten people say that they have entered a store for the first time based simply on the look of its sign. A sign says more than the name of a business or hours of operation; a sign tells those passing by what to expect upon entering the building. Surveys show that 68% of people hold the belief that a business’s sign reflects the quality of its services or products. For a store, business, or organization, the sign is the first impression.

You want a sign that accurately represents the purpose of you organization, and attracts your target audience. As a church, you will wish to convey a warm and welcoming tone to families and individuals in your community. It is important that your guests feel safe and comfortable, that they feel a sense of security and acceptance upon entering your hou

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