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Archive for April, 2016

Pharmaceutical Serialisation and Other Packaging Options

Carded blister packaging

When choosing the best packaging for a medical product, there are many factors to consider. For example, do you want simple foil packaging or should you go with a stronger PVC and foil combination that will make the packaging significantly more durable? Does the foil need to be easily opened by hand or will it be safer if it is strong enough to need cut open? Do you need to package a pill or liquid?

While there are a lot pf applications for blister packaging, it is often used by pharmaceutical companies for packaging medication. There are many benefits to utilizing this technology for medication including the ability of pharmaceutical serialisation. This allows for the product to be labeled and monitored.

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What You Need to Know About Making Your Business Secure From Fraud

Card not present transaction process

According to The Union Ledger, two New York men were arrested this Monday and charged with credit card fraud. Police were called to the scene after multiple managers in Tilton called in to report that two men were attempting to make large purchases at stores with cards that seemed to either be invalid or counterfeit.

Upon examination, the cards were revealed to be counterfeit, and police found several more illegitimate cards in their possession. The cards were relying on stolen identities and false credit information. They were both charged with felony organized retail crime, which can carry a jail term of over a year.

Fraud: Extremely Costly for Businesses Everywhere

Credit card fraud remains a major problem for many businesses, costing more than

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Steel Strong, Practical, and Environmentally Friendly


The packaging industry uses strapping to transport heavy cargo from one place to another. Strapping holds the individual pieces together, ensuring that they are all moved safely and securely. The strongest and most tensile material to use is galvanized steel.

Why galvanized steel? Steel has the highest strength to weight ratio of any material. It is incredibly strong, and the layer of zinc added to the outside of the metal makes it even more resistant to rust and damage. The steel hinges on a refrigerator door can actually support over 140 pounds of weight without sagging. The strength of the material is unmatched, which is precisely why it is so often used for government grade strapping.

The steel industry is uniform; therefore, quality

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Growing a Business Understanding Your Role as a Business Leader

Impeccable execution

The internet has brought forth a new age for aspiring entrepreneurs looking for a modern platform to excel. Businesses can literally rise and fall overnight thanks to modern technology; understanding and mastering the innovations of the 21st century is thus the key to ensuring that your new business takes off without issue. A good plan is nothing without the skill and experience needed to turn ideas into actions; here are some tips for finding the resources any new business needs to produce, market, and excel above the competition.

Production and Packaging

Finding a competent producer to oversee the assembly and design of your products ought to be one of the most difficult decisions a new business owner can make. Depending on your product there are likely thousands of opt

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