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Archive for June, 2016

What Are the Advantages of Alternative Dispute Resolution?

Federal estate tax law

Arbitration and mediation services for complex commercial cases offer many advantages over taking these to trial. Speed, lower costs and experienced judges make arbitration an attractive alternative. For cases like securities fraud, product liability, professional malpractice, oil and gas litigation, corporate compliance programs and much more, alternative dispute resolution is preferable since it quickly arrives at binding, enforceable settlements agreed to by both parties.

Why use arbitration services?
Arbitration services combine the benefits of the federal court system with alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Like the courts, they have experienced judges, familiar

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EHS Audit Software May Be Tied to Company Success

Osha reporting software

It is important that a person feels safe when they are at work, no matter what type of job they have. While an office worker has fewer safety concerns for their work area then perhaps a construction worker or firefighter, it is still important to adhere to environmental health and safety standards. It effects not only the workers but potentially the greater environment, depending on the workplace. To stay within OSHA and EPA regulations, and to prove that the company has adhered to those standards, it is necessary to keep proper documentation on hand.

EHS Audit Software Increases Awareness of Risks.

EHS, or Environmental Health and Safety management requires a business to be aware of the regulations for their facility. Read more ...

Need a Fun, Mobile Retail Space? Consider a Container Pop Up Shop

Used steel storage containers for sale

When it debuted in 1997 in Los Angeles, the temporary retail spaces were called, “the ultimate hipster mall.” What is it? The container pop up shop, a temporary space that has been created using used steel shipping containers. They “pop up” one day, in one location and then can disappear only to pop back up in another. They can also remain in that location for a short period of time, say to sell costumes for Halloween or fireworks for the 4th of July. They have been used by a wide variety of businesses and brands ranging from Adidas to the Beatles. There are a lot of benefits to these structures.

Why Should I Use a Container Pop Up Shop for My Sale

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Vero Beach Cooling Tower On Its Way to Central America

Air stripping solutions

The Vero Beach power plant is now defunct and a major piece of its equipment is being sent to Central America.

Cooling tower systems act as a water management tool for industrial proposes and can dispose of heat waste and also work as a source of water.

The Vero Beach cooling tower, according to TC Palm, is now on its way to Honduras. Jose Prieto said that his company, South Bay Builders, was hired to dismantle the Vero Beach plant’s cooling tower. South Bay Builders were paid more than $57,000 to take down the tower, which sits just off Indian River Boulevard.

Dismantling cooling tower systems is a very delicate process because all the parts need to still function once they are p

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Four Tips to Help You Rent Portable Concession Stands

Purchase containers

If you’ve been to any outdoor sporting event in your life, odds are you’ve seen a portable concession stand selling nachos, hot dogs, candy, and a multitude of other treats. The fact is that concession stands are some of the most versatile parts of the food service industry, and if you’re looking into trying your hand, there’s no time like the present. So if you’re ready to dive into the world of concession stands, here are four tips to help get you started.

What do You Need?

Before you call for any steel shipping containers, you need to determine what you need out of any portable concession stands you may look at. When it comes to food concession stands, there are virtually countless choice

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