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Archive for July, 2016

Laundry Detergent Pod Packaging Could Be the Next to be Regulated for Child-Proof Packaging

Custom plastic bottles

A dangerous chemical is lurking unprotected in laundry rooms across America. Those colorful detergent pods that make doing the laundry so easy? They look like a toy or candy to unknowing children. In fact, a number of children have been hospitalized recently due to laundry pod poisoning, raising questions about the safety of these products and the possibility of regulating child-resistant packaging to prevent any future poisonings.

According to a study published this month in Injury Prevention by researchers at the University of Alabama ? Birmingham, over 36,000 children in told were poisoned by laundry detergent in 2012-2014. They found that children under the age of five were most susceptible to laundry detergent related poisoning, and children who ingested laundry pods were four times more lik

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How Electronic Signs for Business Increase Sales Revenue

Outdoor led display

Nearly 70% of consumers who responded to a recent poll indicated they will frequently or sometimes make shopping decisions while in the car. What sort of shopping decisions are these drivers making? Where they’ll do their shopping.

Over 70% of people will often look at the messages displayed on billboards. After seeing these messages, over 30% will visit the retailer whose message they saw. Signs can make a big impact on business’s bottom line. From attracting customers to increasing sales revenue, installing electronic signs for business can be one of the best and easiest marketing investments you make. Whether they’re a full color LED signs or simple outdoor LED displays, electronic signs for business offer bountiful rewards. Here are just a few:

They attract 35% more customers

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