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Archive for August, 2016

Growing Like a Weed — How the Medical Cannabis Industry is Flourishing

Medical marijuana cultivation

One huge topic of debate that’s sweeping the country currently is the legal marijuana industry. Medical marijuana consulting, cannabis investment opportunities, and starting a medical marijuana business are all areas that entrepreneurial and forward-thinking people are starting to look at more closely. Studies have indeed shown that cannabis has medical benefits and many states have begun to legalize medicinal and recreational cannabis use. It seems that the social mores and attitudes towards this drug are slowly softening and for those looking to get into medical marijuana consulting or just the cannabis industry in general, now is the time! It can be a very lucrative business, especially since the

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Do You Need to Replace the Roof on Your Home?

Commercial metal roofing supply

The plan was simple.
They couple is hoping to built a metal building with a metal roof to use as their home.
Easy to insulate and with heated concrete flooring the house will be low maintenance and energy efficient.
It may not be everyone’s idea of a perfect home, but for the couple who has spent an entire marriage purchasing, remodeling, renting, and reselling homes. In the past, they have always lived in a nice home, but the need for constant maintenance and repair was exhausting. All of these experiences led the couple to the decision that a maintenance free metal home with custom metal roofing would be their next goal.
Certain that the attention to detail in the inside and whole room rugs on the warm concrete floor, they expect to cut their energy bills significantly. The e

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Why Fire Alarm Systems Are So Important in Residential and Commercial Buildings

Fire alarm service tampa

Having fire protection systems is incredibly important. Especially, if you own a business and are responsible for the care and safety of others like employees or customers. Fires are something that we think won’t happen to us. This makes it the most dangerous hazard of all because we often are not prepared for it. The worst kinds of accidents happen usually because we are not ready. Here are a few ways that you can keep your establishment safe from fires.

Fire Alarm Installation
Get a fire alarm installed. The great thing about fire alarms i

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Get the Cleanest and Safest Water for Your Home with These 6 Tips

Water treatment process

Water is essential for life on this planet. Safe and clean drinking is unavailable for millions of people around the world. In the United States, people use about 346,000 millions of gallons every day. In any regions of the country, there are about 21,000 different compounds and substances that can contaminate the drinking water supply. Lead is present in many parts of the country. When it is ingested, it can lead to learning disabilities in children. Nearly 480,000 children are impacted every year by lead poisoning. If you have concerns about the safety of your drinking water, you can have a home water treatment system installed. Getting the right system is not as hard as you may think.

  1. Talk to the people you know. If you know other people who own their own home, you

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Why Maintaining Commercial Fire Alarms Should be a Top Priority for All Business Owners

Fire sprinkler inspections

There’s no doubt about it; business owners have a lot on their plate in terms of managing both long and short term responsibilities. In order to effectively manage these responsibilities, having excellent time management skills and knowing how to prioritize based on importance is key. Somethings can be put off and don’t require immediate attention, such as ordering another box of paperclips or highlighters. However some responsibilities, such as those relating to the safety of both employees and customers, cannot afford to be put off and must be addressed immediately.

A great example of a task business owners, especially those operating out of a brick and mortar location, can’t afford to procrastinate on is maintaining commercial Read more ...

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