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Archive for September, 2016

Prototype PCBs for Your Industry’s Needs

Printed circuit boards

Printed circuit boards, or PCBs, are used in a variety of industries, and their function includes connecting electronic components. You can have a variety of prototype PCBs designed and manufactured to meet your product or other manufacturing needs.

Prototype PCBs and Related Assemblies

In addition to basic PCBs, there are two additional types of related circuit assemblies. The first is the integrated circuit, which can be referred to as an IC or microchip, and the second is the hybrid circuit.

Legend Printing Methods

The legend is comprised of the following parts:

    Component designators
    Switch settings
    Test points

There are other indicators included, which

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Get the Right Pharmaceutical Packaging for Your Product with These 5 Tips

Pharma packaging

If you have a liquid pharmaceutical product that you are looking to bring to market, getting the right bottle packaging designs is a crucial part of your development, marketing and distribution process. From finding the right pharmaceutical and medical packaging company to working out the bottle filling process to working out the right options for your product, getting the packaging right will make a big difference in how well your product does.

1. Pay attention to the changing regulation climate.

In recent years, there have been more and more rules and regulations placed on medical packaging techniques and materials. These regulations have a lot of impact on

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How Asset Integrity and RCM Design Can Help Improve Visibility

Inspection planning

When it comes to adhering to federal and state standards in production, many plant and facility managers feel that it can be a losing battle. After all, the landscape of regulations changes frequently, and it can be very hard to keep track of all of the deadlines, requirements, and loopholes all at once.

Luckily, there are now many RCM design and asset integrity programs out there that are designed to help the people running these facilities to do an even better job with productivity and efficiency, as well as increase safety. They make a lot of the inspection process automatic and make it easier to train employees on the changing requirements and protocols.

One critical benefit to these techniques is tha

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Hydroponic Gardeners Report Higher Yields, Lower Pest Control Expenses, and More Diversity

Gro1 small plant clips

Imagine a person who grew up in the 1940s — during World War II — walking into one of our massive modern supermarkets. They would be amazed at the sheer variety of fruits and vegetables that are commercially available at any time of year, and they would want to know why we don’t grow our own vegetables like they did back then. There are more than 40 million American households with gardens at home, but in the early 1940s Americans grew “victory gardens” because our nation was at war.

“Plant your own, can your own” was one victory garden marketing slogan. Americans were encouraged to plant and to can their own vegetables. Making more food available for troops abroad was the goal of the victory garden campaign: across American, victory gardens sprung up on private and on public land. Major

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Introduction to Printed Circuit Boards

Manufacturing on demand

Before printed circuit boards came into existence, circuit boards were made up of point to point wiring systems. These types of systems often experienced short circuits, disconnections, or other failures.

Wire wrapping changed the circuit board industry by tightly wrapping wires around connection points. These were more secure than point to point connections, but were still bulky.

As time went on and electronics production skyrocketed. Subsequently, electronics became more readily available for the average consumer, and there were higher demands for manufacturing companies to compact the size of these products. This lead to the creation of the printed circuit board, or PCB for short.

Instead of bulky or un

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