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Archive for October, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Cargo Shipping and How it’s Done

American cargo shipping

When you are talking about cargo, it’s important to start at the very beginning and make sure that everyone is on the same page. If you start talking about American cargo tracking before someone even knows what cargo is then the whole point of the conversation, or in this case, article, gets lost. So, there are many types of packages that you can send from one place to another; envelopes, boxes, bags, etc. One of these types is called cargo?

What is cargo exactly?
Cargo is basically any goods or produce that are being shipped, either by air, by freight or by sea. There are different types of freight, that will be covered later. Using the word ‘cargo’ refers more often to commercial goods. Personal cargo would be classified as boxes or packages for the most part. Of course, there a

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Catching the Right Eye with Church, Business, or School Marquee Signs

School led signs

When you have something to say, or a message or idea that you want to get in front of the eyes of a good number of people, you need something visually prominent. Something that people will feel drawn to look at, even if only in passing. There is a reason that everywhere you go and every time you turn around, there are signs. Business signs, church marquee signs, signs for government campaigns and elections, LED signs, school marquee signs. Those who have something to say and put it out on a sign know that they will catch eyes that they otherwise wouldn’t, a

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Cannabis Business License Application Types of Regulations Offered to Marijuana Businesses

Medical marijuana

It is estimated that by 2017, 25% of the total U.S. population will reside in states that have already legalized recreational marijuana, with the current figure standing at 17 million people. However, different states have their own legislation governing the legalization of marijuana for both recreational use or medical use. State laws control the growth, sale, and the consumption of marijuana, although its still considered a federal crime if you are caught cultivating and sale of marijuana. Regardless, those venturing in marijuana business can save themselves a lot of trouble by closely adhering to the state and local rules governing cannabis investment opportunities.

Cannabis business li

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Work with a Holistic Health Coach to Transform Your Life


Many people now have a personal life coach of some kind. This might be an interpersonal relationship coach, a spiritual life coach, or a holistic health coach. If you’re looking for a certified life coach, be sure to ask your prospective coach about their training, certifications, and experience.

According to a 2012 International Coaching Federation study, there are 15,800 life coaches in North America and approximately 47,500 across the globe.

If you are one of the 1/3 of adults in the United States that have received some type of complementary and alternative medicine, then choosing to work with a holistic health coach c

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