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Archive for October 6th, 2016

Here’s How You Help Out to Keep Our Water Quality High

Fresh water test kit

Human can conceivably last a few days without much food or sleep, but take away water and we’re sunk. Clean and safe drinkable water is one of the most important things that we in first world countries often take for granted. We can simply turn on a tap or a faucet and have drinkable water. However, for other countries — and indeed, in some parts of our country — that’s an impossibility. And even if we have safe water now, it’s important to be conducting water testing kits and be doing water quality analysis regularly. It’s all too easy for our water sources to be corrupted and by monitoring water quality indicators, such as water conductivity and resist

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Employee Directory Software Might Benefit Your Business

Interactive org chart

Technology is constantly upgrading itself and as a restaurant, it may be time to change with the times and start upgrading your platforms. You will want to start with the staff app you have in place. If you haven’t gone digital with your employee directory yet, it’s time that you get yourself a wonderful software that can help you with managing your employees online. The longer that you wait, the more behind the times your restaurant will appear to both the customers and the staff. Here is what you go use a Staff app to do.

Employee Scheduling is Easy with an Employee Directory Software

Since most of your employees will have access to the Google Play Store, iTunes Store and the web, the

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