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Catching the Right Eye with Church, Business, or School Marquee Signs

School led signs

When you have something to say, or a message or idea that you want to get in front of the eyes of a good number of people, you need something visually prominent. Something that people will feel drawn to look at, even if only in passing. There is a reason that everywhere you go and every time you turn around, there are signs. Business signs, church marquee signs, signs for government campaigns and elections, LED signs, school marquee signs. Those who have something to say and put it out on a sign know that they will catch eyes that they otherwise wouldn’t, and at least plant the seed of awareness somewhere in the backs of the minds of those passersby.

From big business signs to school marquees and everything in between

The huge bright letters of a familiar business are familiar because your eyes are drawn there every time you go by. As our society and technology advance, there is more and more competition to be seen, so signs get bigger, louder, brighter, more vivid. The right sign can be an effective way to quickly relay information that your intended audience may not have even known that they needed. School marquees remind parents about conferences, the community about sports events or performances, and students about important dates for big tests, trips, extracurricular events, or student body issues. And today we see that those school marquees are becoming more advanced as well, to draw in more interest and involvement with the wellbeing and development of the children in the community.

The importance of the right sign

Take a look around at any group of people these days, whether you are on the street, in a restaurant, or in the grocery store checkout line, and you will see several, if not most or all, glued to screens. The digital world is so integrated into our daily lives, and it seems that more developments and advancements will only make that more thoroughly the case. And that digital world is already overloaded with information and content. So it is not only important to stand out, but being memorable in such a vast sea of content and stimuli is actually quite impressive and notable, and will likely draw people in.

Making the right impression

It has been estimated that about 85% of the customers that a business has, either live or work within a five mile radius of the company’s location. And even in the era of easily accessible maps, ads, and contact information, about 35% of individuals would never have discovered a particular company or business without having seen their sign. If that does not illustrate the significance of having a sign onsite, perhaps this will put things in perspective: the business that is drummed up by that sign is the equivalent to, and thus that sign carries the same value as, running 24 full page newspaper advertisements each and every year.

Our technological advances that we have made as a species and within societies are incredible. But as we become more and more digitally connected, we need to make more conscious efforts to connect in the physical world. People appreciate creativity and the effort to interact on a more personal level, so let that reflect in your signs. When people start taking notice, or even give your sign a few glances, you will have planted the seed, and chances are, you will start to see people responding by migrating toward your doors.

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