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Archive for February 20th, 2017

Increase School Spirit with an Outdoor Marquee Sign

Led digital display sign

Would you like to increase your school’s visibility within the neighborhood? Are you also interested in enhancing your school’s spirit? If so, have you considered installing a school marquee or other type of outdoor signage?

An outdoor school sign can contain more than just hours of operation and vacations. Other important or interesting information can also be posted. Scrolling marquee signs can announce sports scores and motivational messages, such as uplifting slogans and sayings.

Some schools regularly post congratulatory information for academic achievement as well as birthday wishes to students, staff, and faculty. As such, a school marquee provides an excellent way to express school pride.

School LED signs are also an effective means to inform the neighborhood of school plays a

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Sending Valuable Items? Use Secure Parcel Delivery

Small package insurance

Were you aware that almost everything we buy is delivered by ship? Merchant ships, which trade internationally, carry all types of cargo to various destinations across the oceans. There are approximately 50,000 of these ships transporting an estimated 20 million or more containers, and the larger ones are able to carry 15,000 boxes at a time.

Small package shipping services, however, usually handle cartons that weigh less than 70 pounds. These tend to be transported by express carriers, regional carriers, or international exporters.

When secure parcel delivery services are needed, using a reputable shipping service can make a difference in whether a parcel is delivered

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5 ways to help prevent groundwater pollution

Bag filter trailers

Clean drinking water is a hot topic these days, and for good reason. With fresh water making up only three percent of the Earth’s water (and only one percent suitable for drinking), it’s no wonder that we’re concerned with our limited supply. Plus, a lot of the water that we drink in the United States is groundwater that has been through a water treatment plant. Which means groundwater pollution is a big issue. Below are five simple ways you can help prevent groundwater contamination in your community, and make the water treatment process easier and more environmentally friendly.

1. Get rid of hazardous chemicals properly. A lot of cleaning products contain chemicals like ammonia, bleach and paint that ar

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