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A Few of the Many Benefits that Come with Pharmaceutical Serialisation

Track and trace pharma

Pharmaceutical serialisation may seem like a complex process that doesn’t really hold any weight in the medical world, but the truth is that it comes with a fairly large number of benefits. The medical sphere is constantly evolving and improving, especially when it comes to formulation development, pharmaceutical supply chains, and medical packaging materials. The serialisation process is simply another one of those improvements.
If you’re wondering how something like serialisation could benefit the medical industry, here are just a few of the many benefits that come with pharmaceutical serialisation.
Product Authentication
When a medical product is placed into clinical packaging after production, it receives a serial number and verifies it as an authentic product manufactured by a licensed pharmaceutical company. Once the serial number is entered into a database, it will verify the authenticity of the product and help weed out copies and counterfeit products that other people might be trying to sell.
Data Coordination
Pharmaceutical companies ship their products out all over the world, and keeping track of those products can seem like an impossible process. With serial numbers, the industry has been able to coordinate information on products as they make their way through a supply chain. This can play a huge role in reducing lost products, which in turn can save more money.
Faster Recall Process
Recalls happen for a variety of reasons, and when they do it’s important that a product be recalled as soon as possible. If a type of medication is recalled, the pharmaceutical company responsible for making it needs to recall every one of the contaminated products, and serialisation allows them to do this. By assigning a serial number to every product, recalling a single serial number makes the entire process much more efficient.
This process happens at countless companies and in multiple industries around the world. It creates a manufacturing environment that is much more organized, efficient, and coordinated. The next time you go to pick up a prescription or a bottle of cold medicine, remember that pharma track and trace serialisation played a role in that!

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