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Natural GasFor the Cleanest Burn

Maryland natural gas suppliers

Natural gas has been found to be one of the cleanest and least expensive fuels there is. In 2014 alone customers who used natural gas saved 175 trillion Btu of energy and were able to prevent 9.1 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions from entering the atmosphere. Natural gas is actually a blend of several different gases, some of which are carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrogen, that are found in the atmosphere. Reserves of these gases are found deep down within the earth near deposits of crude oil and coal.

The use of natural gas has grown by leaps and bounds throughout the world and now makes up 21% of energy consumed globally. Commercial natural gas is used in a wide variety of ways. Within the United States it is used mainly as fuel. Approximately 30% of the energy used throughout the country comes from natural gas, and is used for things like heating homes, heating water, fueling vehicles, baking, and industrial furnaces. Statistics show that more than 11 million vehicles throughout the world are fueled by natural gas. In its liquified state commercial fuel oil is used for fueling trucks, cars, buses, and more.

More than one commercial natural gas supplier is available in thousands of locations across the country that are in the business of delivering products such as gasoline, propane, heating oil, and diesel fuel to both homes and businesses. Commercial fuel oil prices are competitive and affordable, and most companies will offer a reasonable payment plan.

Diesel fuel can be obtained for both off road and on road vehicles. Off road diesel fuel is generally dyed diesel fuel and is red in color. It is typically used for vehicles such as farm tractors, generators, and construction equipment. Also for use in off road vehicles is blue diesel which has a higher sulfur content than does the red. It is less expensive than red diesel as well. It is tax exempt and is usually used for government vehicles, buses, and off road vehicles. On road diesel fuel is a light green in color and is sometimes used in government vehicles.

Diesel fuel is more efficient than regular gasoline by between 18% and 30% in addition to providing a greater power density. In fact, a diesel engine can go as many as 800 miles on one tank of fuel, and no less than 400. Diesel engines emit tremendous power that can handle construction work like lifting hundreds of tons of metal and steel. They also perform digging projects such as foundations and trenches with ease and accuracy. Another great use for diesel fuel is for military purposes. The military uses it because it poses less danger of explosion than do other types of fuels. In addition, diesel engines are much less prone to stalling than are other engines.

Another use for diesel fuel is in the running of generators used as backup energy for places such as hospitals, institutions, and other large buildings. These generators supply power in case of an emergency. Interestingly, certain remote, out of the way villages in the state of Alaska use generators run by diesel fuel for their electric needs.

Prices of diesel fuel have risen since 2004. Before that typical diesel prices were lower than regular gasoline. However, since that time the demand for this type of fuel in European countries, and in China, the United States, and India has increased which has caused the rise in prices. Also, in the United States, there has been a transition to diesel fuels with a lower sulfur content which, in turn, has increased the costs of diesel production and distribution.

Emissions caused by diesel fuels can be harmful to the environment. Diesel engines cause pollutants to be sent into the air; for instance, particulates and ground-level ozone. As a result, the United States Environmental Protection Agency has set certain standards for diesel fuel that are now mandatory in its production. The idea is to produce diesel fuel with a much lower sulfur content in order to provide a cleaner burn. Although this has tremendously aided in reducing harmful emissions, it will take a while to fully replace older diesel burning vehicles with new ones.

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