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Archive for March, 2017

Planning to Drill a Residential Well? Contact an Environmental Consulting Firm


The condition of groundwater is, of course, a significant concern for the planet’s inhabitants. Currently, it is estimated that there are 2.78 million trillion gallons of groundwater, which comprises 30.1% of the freshwater that is available. Increasing access to this groundwater is recommended because it is considered to be an underutilized source of water.

In the United States, approximately 1/4 of the rainfall that occurs becomes groundwater, which feeds and aids the flow of streams. It is important to note that these lakes and streams provide a “window” to the water table as well as the condition of the water itself.

On a daily basis, 349 billion gallons of freshwater is withdrawn from the Un

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Did You Know 35% Of Customers Couldn’t Find A Business Without An Outdoor Sign?

Led sign company

What does a sign do for your business or establishment? Are they really as big of a deal as marketing professionals say they are? Since before technology was as advanced and varied as it is today, signs have always been one of the most notable aspects of any business-owner trying to make their mark. They’re a way of catching the customer’s eye, they summarize what your establishment is all about and, most importantly, they directly help the customer find your place of business. To put it plain, they’re like the beginning of the conversation — they set the tone for the relationship between company and consumer and shouldn’t be neglected when you start to piece together your plans for the future.

What Kind Of Signs Are There?

The technology of today has only been paved by th

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Growing Your Business? Remember These Important Commercial Space Tips

Commercial space for rent

Are you a home based business that has outgrown your home office? Many businesses start with a small idea and then grow into something much larger. These businesses often begin work inside of their own homes, to cut costs on rental fees. However, once the business becomes large enough to increase products or employees, a commercial space for lease is often needed. If you are considering a commercial space for lease for your growing business needs, remember these important leasing factors.


You do not want to significantly cut your profits because you have to pay rent. Although rent will require monthly payments, it should be an affordable amount. You should not make the move to a Read more ...

Various Applications of Tungsten Steel Alloy and Using It in Your Industry Sector

Recyclable tungsten carbide materials

When it comes to any kind of industrial application, there are a lot of hard decisions that need to made smartly and with insight when it comes to the choice of materials for machines and their parts. These machines and equipment are supposed to withstand rigorous, gruelling use on a daily basis for years, and continue giving you the best possible performance for long durations of time. Needless to say, the choice of material in this case plays a major role in ascertaining this performance, and making the right choice in this regard can have a significant impact on your output and efficiency. While some businesses might make this choice lightly, if you are in a position to make this choice on behalf of your business, you should consider your options carefully and arrive at a decision tha

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Three Reasons Why Churches Should Invest In Signage

Church marquee sign

Nobody wants to compare a church to a business — a church is a place where people come to worship and share fellowship with other believers. But with that being said, these activities can’t happen unless people are aware of the church’s existence in the first place. It’s also important that churches get the word out about events — whether those events are simply meant to be fun, or whether they’re meant to raise important funds that will keep the church going. Churches are unique in that often, they have members of the congregation who, for whatever reason, might not check their email regularly enough to get news about upcoming events online. For that matter, churches have the specific goal of attracting as many new congregants as possible. In this respect, a church needs to advertise itself much a

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