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Archive for March 16th, 2017

12 Ways to Improve the Office Space

Setting up a virtual office

Improving the office space and the atmosphere in it is the key to creating better productivity and profit in your company. Choosing an office space is that best fits your needs is the first step towards creating a great office experience. In addition, here are 12 tips on how to better your office (and thus its productivity).

  1. Offering Food
    The first tip is to make sure that your employees are feed and happy. Anybody who has a stomach full of food will be happier and happier employees means a better working environment. As such, make sure to offer some food in the break-room and maybe have festive days like taco Tuesdays to keep spirits high.
  2. Improve Communication
    Employees like to be heard, and as such it is your duty to make them feel like they a

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Four Things We Wish We Knew When Shopping for Conex Containers

Repurposed shipping containers

Let’s talk about Conex containers. It’s not a question of what you can do with Conex containers, it’s a question of what you can’t do with Conex containers! Conex containers are those giant steel shipping boxes are built to be water-tight and sturdy enough to withstand hurricanes at sea. They can actually function in those conditions while being stacked eight containers high on a transport ship! If we ever face a nuclear disaster, it’s going to be only the cockroaches and the shipping containers that survive it.

Even if you aren’t a commercial shipper, there are still about one million things you could do with a Conex container. You can u

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Joe says Hi

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