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Did You Know 35% Of Customers Couldn’t Find A Business Without An Outdoor Sign?

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What does a sign do for your business or establishment? Are they really as big of a deal as marketing professionals say they are? Since before technology was as advanced and varied as it is today, signs have always been one of the most notable aspects of any business-owner trying to make their mark. They’re a way of catching the customer’s eye, they summarize what your establishment is all about and, most importantly, they directly help the customer find your place of business. To put it plain, they’re like the beginning of the conversation — they set the tone for the relationship between company and consumer and shouldn’t be neglected when you start to piece together your plans for the future.

What Kind Of Signs Are There?

The technology of today has only been paved by the efforts of years prior. Old-fashioned signs have their uses even still, but more and more people are turning to electronic signs to blend the old with the new. Studies have shown the year 2019 is going to see the LED industry achieving a 53% penetration of the global lighting market. It makes sense when you think about it — signs catch your attention enough as it is, so adding lights, colors and animations only stand to increase that effect!

How Often Do People Look At Signs?

Consumers are bombarded with information everywhere they go. Wouldn’t you like to stand out among the crowd? Recent surveys have shown up to 70% of people look at messages on roadside billboards (both traditional and digital versions), with another one-third reporting they see an outdoor advertisement most times they pass one. Digital signs for business do the dual work of getting across a simple message and being easily noticeable no matter where they’re placed. This can be on the side of the road, on the side of a building or in a crowded hall.

How Do Signs Help With Location?

GPS and online maps are popular for a reason. It’s easy to get lost! Help your customers out and put your electronic signs or municipal signs somewhere smart. A Best Buy survey saw nearly 20% of walk-in customers visiting because of the sign, with additional studies seeing up to 80% of a business’ repeat customers either living or working within a five-mile radius. Location is an absolute must and will do wonders for keeping your business as convenient as possible!

How Do Signs Influence Purchasing Decisions?

Sometimes customers plan out their purchases. Other times they make snap decisions based on what looks valuable at the moment. Over 60% of respondents to a poll said they either ‘frequently’ or ‘sometimes’ make their shopping decisions while still in the car, with another 30% saying they visited a retailer they saw on a billboard later in the same week. Contrast with the 35% of people who admit they wouldn’t have even discovered a business without their sign.

What Signs Should I Use?

It’s possible to have it all. Electronic signs are the way of the future, using a variety of bold colors and flashing lights to attract the eye and cultivate curiosity. The value of an on-site sign has been found to directly equal that of 24 full-page newspaper advertisements on a yearly basis. That’s nothing to say of the convenience of helping customers find your place of business and helping them make a decision in the moment! Commercial business signs can be customized at will and changed on a dime, so never feel like you have to stick with one approach, either. Think your sign is up to snuff? It’s time to let the future decide!

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