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5 Important Considerations in Purchasing a Campsite Business

Franchise business opportunities

Do you love camping? Do you enjoy getting away from technology and reconnecting with nature? Do you see visiting local family campgrounds as your ideal type of vacation? Have you ever dreamed of turning your passion of camping into a career? A campsite business could be the answer to your dreams. You can turn your excitement of the camping world into something that also earns you a living. However, before you jump into purchasing a campground business for sale, consider the following.

Your ability to dedicate full time status to this business
A campsite business is just like any other type of business. It still requires capital, a business plan, and full time dedication. Although camping is a hobby of yours, it is not wise to purchase a campsite business as a hobby. Without a full time effort, you are unlikely to make any money and you could actually end up losing profits. Ensure that you have sufficient time and business sense to grow your campsite business.

Franchise vs your own business plan
Most businesses come in either a franchise or as something you design and implement yourself. A franchise is a company that is already established and built in other locations. The franchiser might provide you with training, mentorship, and their business name. This can be helpful for those who are new to the campsite business, because they receive all of the training they require and they do not have to build the brand on their own. In many cases, the marketing and advertising is also handled by the franchise owner.

A strong and unique business plan
How will you encourage customers to choose your campground or RV park? This is one of the most important questions to ask yourself, to ensure that you are creating a product that customers want. If there already is a local campsite and you do not offer anything better, you could struggle to stay in business. Develop your business plan around what you will do better and what additional amenities or services you will offer to your campers. Currently, in a Kampgrounds of America study, 20% of campers ranked a campsite being kid friendly as something they value. Other things to consider include hiking and biking abilities, camper main rooms, basketball courts, and on site food availability.

Finding the right campgrounds for sale
If you have decided that running a campground is right for you, be sure that you do not purchase the first for sale campground you come across. Campsites can be difficult to assess value, especially if there are minimal campgrounds nearby to compare them to. After you have created your unique business plan, you want to find a campground that makes your plan possible. If you will offer swimming and boating lessons, for example, you will want to hold out for campgrounds with availability to some body of water.

Offer different types of camping
Most people have been camping at some point in their life. Yet, most people?s camping experiences are drastically different. One adult may remember going with their family on an outdoor tented camping trip, while a teenager may remember taking a school camping trip with friends in a cabin. People tend to have their preferred methods of camping and offering multiple types will cater to more campers. Consider offering tent camping, cabin rentals, and even RV camping.

If you are interested in entering the leisure industry in your next entrepreneurial pursuit, consider purchasing a campground. Almost 6 out of 10 households report that one of the residents has gone camping. Additionally, many people enjoy camping and are likely to go again. Camping will likely always be a popular hobby, because it is entertaining and is low cost. Purchasing a campsite business can be a great investment, especially if you are an avid camper. Just remember that it still is a business and that some business sense is necessary.

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