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Keeping it Clean Just Got Easier

Janitorial services

You might go to the gym to get a work out and leave there feeling pretty sweaty and gross, but if you walked into a filthy facility, would you turn back around? Definitely.

We often take the cleanliness of facilities we use for granted, when in reality janitorial services are essential in the upkeep of your favorite gym or club. Around 71% of adults in the United States will not exercise in gyms with dirty equipment. It’s important to remember the benefits of hiring a cleaning service to care for any commercial business; customers can tell when the upkeep is lacking! If a gym is filled with unpleasant odors, 72% of American adults will not return to it. Luckily, 84% of health club members view their club as clean. If your facility is lacking in cleanliness, check out your local commercial cleaning services and see what they can do to bring your gym back up to par.

Gyms aren’t the only places that need to be clean, office spaces are another place that we need to ensure are both clean and organized. Seventy-one percent of workers feel that a dirty office space has contributed to a past illness. Things like the cleaning of a keyboard or the mouse are easily overlooked in an office, one in ten people never clean their keyboard and 20% do not clean their mouse; hiring an office cleaning service will make sure that those details are not overlooked. Paper clutter is the number one problem for most businesses, according to the National Association of Professional Organizations. Instead of allowing your office space to become disorganized or germ-filled; look into outsourced janitorial services.

Outsourced janitorial services can help to maintain an office or gym’s cleanliness and ensure that both customers and employees feel happy to be there. Most cleaning agencies typically work during second or third shift so the offices can be cleaned when no one is present; this makes office cleaning services something that is both helpful and does not disrupt the flow of work.

Check out your local commercial cleaning services to help to determine the benefits of hiring a cleaning service and what types of commercial cleaning your facility may need.

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